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Windshield Law Might Interfere with Radar Detectors

California hates cars. They also hate the people that drive cars. At least that is how it seems a lot of the time with all of the special "rules" for cars and trucks there. Here at Buy Radar Detectors we feel for all of you drivers in California. Now a new item of legislation is probably going to be enacted. In order to reduce fuel consumption, they want automotive makers to install a new type of window glazing to lower the inside temperature of cars so that they will use air-conditioning less, and therefore less fuel.

Now anyone that has spent a summer in a southern climate will tell you, window tinting is a good idea. The problem here is that the glazing that is to be used (it uses lots of small metal particles) will also interfere with radios, phones, wireless internet, garage door openers, and yup radar detectors. It will also be mandatory on all new vehicles sold.

We are not sure how much this will effect radar detector performance, and it may just slightly reduce range and sensitivity. However, there has been a growing trend to use these types of glazes in vehicles. The radar detector makers, crafty people that they are, will probably figure out a work around to all of this.

We want to keep all of you informed though. Even if you do not live in California, it will be just a matter of time until vehicles with this glaze are in the used car market and dispersed out to the rest of us. I think most of us like new products that make driving more comfortable, and also make our cars and trucks more fuel efficient. Forcing the automakers to implement this in what reads like a very arbitrary decision though is annoying.

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