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Whistler Pro 78: New Revision C Now Shipping

The newest version of the Whistler Pro 78 - Revision 'C' - is now in stock and shipping!
Revision C!
For more information on what Revision 'C' provides, check out this post and this post.

The Whistler XTR-690 that we have in stock is still the older revision. Whistler does not yet have updated XTR-690's in stock. No word yet on when those will be available.

3 thoughts on “Whistler Pro 78: New Revision C Now Shipping”

  • jay

    Is it possible to determine if Rev C is installed in the Pro 78 by looking at the serial number on the unit or packaging? If so, please explain. Thanks; in the market for a radar detector for a family member.

  • Ken

    hi there, just wondering how to check the rev version? ( for xtr690)

  • Brian

    I have been noticing a lot of laser falsing in recent months--apparently when around vehicles with laser adaptive cruise control. Are the folks at Whistler going to be able offer a firmware upgrade (or something else) to alleviate this problem?

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