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Difference Between the Cobra XRS 9700 and PRO 9780

Cobra has many different models. Choosing between them can be difficult. One question that we're always being asked is: What's the difference between the Cobra 9700 and the Cobra 9780? As far as the radar detectors themselves, there is no difference at all. The PRO 9780 does include a few add-ons that people seem to like: an aluminum travel case, a hardwire cord, and a cigarette lighter splitter.

While I'm at it, the Cobra PRO 9680 and the PRO 9580 are also identical to the XRS 9600 and XRS 9500, respectively, aside from the included accessories.

Also, you guessed it, the PRO 9480 and PRO 9380 are no different than the XRS 9400 and XRS 9300. Unlike the other PRO series models, however, these don't even include those extra accessories. My advice on the 93xx and 94xx? Buy whichever one is cheaper.

One thought on “Difference Between the Cobra XRS 9700 and PRO 9780”

  • dailami

    Seeking for a type of radar-detector, that will suit to detect road Radar-With-Careera for speed violation in kingdom of bahrain, Arabian Gulf.. and with a reasonable price.

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