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Cobra XRS 9930 Radar Detector - Refurbished


Quick Overview

The Cobra XRS-9930 is the first radar detector to provide a full color graphical display! This DataGrafix™ display is very bright and highly visible. The full color display looks great and is surprisingly easy to read. It also allows the detector to provide a truly easy to use settings interface.

Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. It was replaced by the Cobra XRS 9945 Radar Detector .


This is a factory refurbished Cobra XRS-9930 and includes a 90 day warranty. This was formerly Cobra's top of the line model and sold for $159!! These will not last long.

The Cobra XRS-9930 is the first radar detector to provide a full color graphical display! This DataGrafix™ display is very bright and highly visible. The full color display looks great and is surprisingly easy to read. It also allows the detector to provide a truly easy to use settings interface.

The Cobra XRS-9930 12 band™ radar detector features Cobra's Xtreme Range Superheterodyne™ Technology, which provides more range than past Cobra models. In addition, the Cobra 9930 provides voice alerts, and includes a built-in 8 point digital compass.

The XRS-9930 radar detector features an intuitive IntelliMute™ feature which will automatically mute the detector based on your speed. This model will also detect POP radar, and even has built-in support for the Ku band which is currently used in Europe.

The Cobra XRS-9930 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns. The XRS-9930 also provides detailed messages from Cobra's exclusive Safety Alert® and Strobe Alert warning systems. The Cobra XRS-9930 is immune to the VG-2 radar detector detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use.

Cobra's Strobe Alert will alert motorists to over 50,000 emergency vehicles equipped with strobe transmitters that activate red lights at traffic intersections in emergency high speed situations. Call your local Fire/Police department for your area coverage.

Cobra XRS-9930 Features

  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Detects POP Mode
  • Safety Alert®
  • Strobe Alert™
  • VG-2 Undetectable
  • VG-2 Alert
  • Spectre I Undetectable
  • Spectre I Alert
  • Select Between Voice or Tone Alerts
  • Detailed Safety Alerts
  • Full Color DataGrafix™ Graphical Display
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • 8 Point Digital Compass
  • Ku Band Detection
  • Selectable Bands
  • 3 Levels of City Mode plus Highway Mode
  • Audio Jack
  • Audio Only Mode
  • Visual Only Mode
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • IntelliMute™
  • 3 Level Dim Button
  • SmartPower™ Power Saver System
  • Stay Set Electronic Memory
  • EasySet™ Programming Menu
  • Volume Control
  • Self Test
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Cobra XRS-9930

  • Windshield Bracket
  • Coiled Power Cord
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Owners Manual

Cobra XRS 9930 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.5 in. x 3.06 in. x 4.88 in.

Additional Information

Signals DetectedInstant-On (Pulse) Radar, K Band, Ka Band, Ku Band, Laser (front / rear), POP Mode Radar, Safety Alert®, Strobe Alert™, X Band
Warranty90 Days
RDD ImmunitySpectre Alert, Spectre Undetectable, VG-2 Alert, VG-2 Undetectable
Display TypeFull Color Text
FilteringMultiple City Modes, Selectable Bands
Mounting StyleWindshield
Audio OptionsAudio Jack, Voice Alerts
  1. LOOKS NEW AND WORKS THE SAME !!! review by CAPT."SKI" on 4/27/2012

    I have the same unit in two of my cars.

  2. LOOKS NEW AND WORKS THE SAME !!! review by CAPT."SKI" on 4/27/2012

    I own two of these now !!

  3. Not recomendable review by The driver on 4/26/2012

    Frequent false alarms.

  4. Cobra XRS Detector review by QT Viki on 4/2/2012

    I use this product mainly for freeway driving and it does a great job.

  5. Buy it! review by Syrdon on 3/31/2012

    Very practical. Lots of great features on a low cost detector. Works great.

  6. Can't complain for the price review by Johnny Highway on 3/29/2012

    For the price this is a great product. You can't really complain when its so cheap. Works best in rural settings. Everything in the city sets it off. Works a little better on the highway but not much. The display features are awesome. I really like how you can change the color. The compase works great as well. Amazing features, more than alot of other ones on the market today.

  7. Cobra XRS 9930 review by Wendell the Falcon on 3/26/2012

    After many attempts in open field areas this unit repeatedly failed to calibrate and gave false signals. I returned it as the company would not exchange or upgrade the unit at no additional cost.

  8. Don't waste your money review by skid on 3/26/2012

    Had this detector for about a month. Dozens of false alerts - after a while you just ignore all alerts. The 2 speed traps I have visually detected on the highway I never got a radar alert at all. I have it set with factory defaults - submitted online request to Cobra to see if changing the defaults would help - no response after a week. At this point it is a paper weight.

  9. Really good....Super Happy review by Black Camaro 5th gen on 2/14/2012

    Very good very happy with product liked it alot and for the price i know i made the right choice.

  10. To many false alarms. review by Tarpon on 1/23/2012

    To many false alarms. I use it for daily drives.

  11. Great Buy review by Johnster on 1/17/2012

    Great buy for the price. I am not a speeder but just wanted to see how many speed traps we have. So far more than I expected

  12. False Sensing review by Phil on 1/17/2012

    Product is "false sensing" like my old Cobra. Not a Good Buy !!

  13. Fast delidery,good Product review by Batistamartins on 1/17/2012

    Good product

  14. So Far so Good review by TJ on 1/17/2012

    Good deal for the price..... for the Avg driver It does the job... no problems so far have I have had the unit now about 2 months I use it every day

  15. refurbished 9930 Cobra detector review by RJ on 12/15/2011

    small so doesn't block winshield view,,,,,good price,,,,fast shipping and delivery,,,,should be a great gift to my daughter

  16. Seems to work fine review by Reycsam on 12/14/2011

    I bought two of these, one for my BMW motorcycle and one for my Toyota Supra. It seems to alert all the time on the freeway without me visible seeing a cop. But that's okay, I use it to remind myself that I'm going too fast. I think the alerts that it has given me has saved me from getting a citation. (paid for itself)! A few times it did not alert when I passed a cop parked in a speed trap zone. I just assumed he did not have his radar detector on. For my use, I recommend this product to others.

  17. NOT SO GOOD review by ray on 12/14/2011

    Why should the compass have to be set by driving around in circles?? The suction cups that came with the unit weren't strong enough to hold it. I had to buy new ones.

  18. BUY BUY BUY review by will on 12/3/2011

    I do a lot of traveling. I needed a reliable radar detector. I brought one for a friend also. I am not disapointed, more surprised. This is not the first radar detector I have owned. Some were more expensive. They did not work any better than the two I purchased. I say Buy this with confidence.

  19. Give it a try before you judge it ! review by Vicky on 12/2/2011

    This radar is the best I ever own.Cuts down the false alarms after the first beep,I love it.The srvice was perfect,delivery fast overnight and free shipping

  20. Great service and product review by Captain David on 10/30/2011

    I use it in a Ford Explorer for highway and city driving.

  21. Works great, very satisfied review by NOB on 10/26/2011

    It is very sensitive it keeps you alert driving at night

  22. It is the worst radar detector review by Speed demon on 10/22/2011

    No wonder this radar detector is only [$] it is horrible. It gives so many false reads and doesn't stop after one beep like it says. Don't buy this one.

  23. No comment review by Paul on 9/13/2011

    This unit is useful on the highway, especially the built- in compass. But in the city it is CONTINUOUS false alarms. Every store's theft detection device triggers a "Ka Alert". It averages at least one false alarm per city block.

  24. Great product for NZ review by Kiwi on 8/27/2011

    Great product picked up NZ highway patrol from 2.4KM away & in town with City on it cuts down the false alarms after the first beep which is great.Make sure you turn on POP for NZ thou & also the K bands as they use those here

  25. what a deal! top notch performance review by brian f. on 8/25/2011

    This cobra detector is everything as advertized. No problems, all functions operate as expected. Great range. What an incredible value. Best detector i have ever purchased. Easy to set. A bit large for smaller dashboards.

  26. Great8 product review by BowlingWizzard on 8/23/2011

    For driving to work.

  27. i cant really tell if these work review by vinnie the delivery guy on 8/15/2011

    It had to get refurbished again so idk if it works

  28. Slow to detect radar in city. review by JC on 8/15/2011

    [...] It's slow to pick up radar in city limits. Not adjustable. I guess I got what I paid for.

  29. I would buy another refurbished unit. review by wired on 7/25/2011

    I like the voice alert, it allows me to not have to look at the screen.

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