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Laser Defense

Laser jammers are an important part of a total defense system against police laser guns. The use of laser guns by police to detect speed is growing rapidly throughout the United States and the world. Radar detectors alone are not entirely effective against the laser gun. In many cases, when your radar detector gives a laser alert your speed has already been recorded and it is too late. A laser gun needs only a quarter of a second to calculate the speed of a car.

A laser jammer is the perfect defense against the laser gun. An effective laser jammer will block the laser, preventing the laser gun from displaying a speed. This will provide you with enough time to slow down to the speed limit.

Passive solutions, such as Laser Veil or a Laser Shield, are a great compliment to a radar detector for those looking for a less expensive laser defense option as an alternative to an all-out laser jammer system. While not as effective as a true jammer, passive products have been shown to significantly reduce the range of the laser gun. This gives your radar detector a chance to alert you before it's too late.

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  1. Laser Shield - Anti-Laser License Plate Cover

    The Laser Shield reduces the range of the police laser gun, providing you with the precious seconds that you need to slow down before he can get your speed.
  2. Laser Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating

    Now Shipping the updated Veil "G5.6" product. Veil G5.6 is more effective than previous versions, is easier to apply, and has an improved appearance.

    Veil stealth coating is made to specifically defend against police laser guns, and makes a great radar detector companion. Apply the Veil coating to your headlights, fog lights and license plate, and the effective range of the laser gun will be reduced. This can give you a precious 5-10 seconds to reduce your speed, plenty of time to avoid a ticket!
  3. Cincinnati Microwave Laser ShifterPro - Laser Defense System

    Cincinnati Microwave Laser ShifterPro - Laser Defense System

    Introducing the Cincinnati Microwave Laser ShifterPro, the ultimate laser defense system! The Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced system of its type available! Twin laser transceivers install in the front of your vehicle to detect and block police laser threats within milliseconds, giving you more time to check and adjust your speed.

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    Special Price $349.00

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3 Item(s)