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Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector

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Quick Overview

The Cobra XRS 9970G radar detector is GPS enabled to provide even more protection in an easy to use/update GPS Locator module. The XRS 9970G radar detector also features Cobra's extra large, full color, touch screen graphical display, voice alerts, and includes a built-in 8 point electronic compass.
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Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


The Cobra XRS 9970G radar detector is a top of the line, GPS enabled, touch screen radar detector. Improving on previous models, the 9970G is easy to use thanks to a full color touch screen interface.

Through the use of GPS and Cobra’s AURA™ database (free subscription to the AURA™ database service included) you will be alerted to area speed and red light cameras. The XRS 9970G has the ability to alert the driver when approaching fixed red light, speed, and photo radar cameras. This database is maintained by Cobra, and updates can be downloaded online. The GPS functionality also enables a display that shows your current speed, and a GPS based compass (instead of magnetic). The GPS Locator module is compact and easy to remove, making updating very easy. Just remove the GPS Locator Unit from the detector and plug it in to the USB port on your PC. This is a great feature that many other detectors do not have, instead the entire detector has to be completely removed in order to be updated.

The XRS 9970G uses the extra large 1.5" full color ExtremeBright DataGrafix™ OLED display. This large, graphical display allows the detector to provide a truly easy to use settings interface, along with simple to understand warnings. Because it is a touch screen, it is easy to change settings and configure to your driving preferences.

The Cobra XRS 9970G 15 band™ radar detector features Cobra's S-XRS Technology, which provides improved range over past Cobra models. In addition, the Cobra 9970G provides voice alerts, and includes a built-in 8 point electronic compass.

The XRS 9970G radar detector features an intuitive IntelliMute™ feature which will automatically mute the detector based on your speed. This model will also detect POP radar, provides a voltage meter, and even has built-in support for the Ku band which is currently used in Europe.

The Cobra XRS 9970G responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser. The XRS-9970G also provides detailed messages from Cobra's exclusive Safety Alert® and Strobe Alert warning systems. The Cobra XRS-9970G is immune to the VG-2 radar detector detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use.

Cobra's Strobe Alert will alert motorists to over 50,000 emergency vehicles equipped with strobe transmitters that activate red lights at traffic intersections in emergency high speed situations. Call your local Fire/Police department for your area coverage.


Cobra XRS 9970G Features

  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Detects POP Mode
  • Safety Alert®
  • Strobe Alert™
  • VG-2 Undetectable
  • VG-2 Alert
  • Spectre I Undetectable
  • Spectre I Alert
  • GPS Locator Included
  • Speed / Red Light Camera Database
  • Mark Location Alert Database
  • Current Speed Display
  • Select Between Voice or Tone Alerts
  • Detailed Safety Alerts
  • Full Color 1.5" Touch Screen, DataGrafix™ Graphical Display
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • 8 Point Electronic Compass
  • Ku Band Detection
  • 3 Levels of City Mode plus Highway Mode
  • Audio Jack
  • Audio Only Mode
  • Visual Only Mode
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • IntelliMute™
  • 4 Level Display Dimming
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Car Battery Voltage Display
  • SmartPower™ Power Saver System
  • Stay Set Electronic Memory
  • EasySet™ Programming Menu
  • Volume Control
  • Self Test
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Cobra XRS 9970G

  • Windshield Bracket
  • Coiled Power Cord
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Mini-USB to USB Type-A Adapter Cable for database updates
  • Owner's Manual

Cobra XRS 9970G Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.9 in. x 3.1 in. x 5.2 in.
  • Weight: 6.5 oz.

Additional Information

Signals Detected Instant-On (Pulse) Radar, K Band, Ka Band, Ku Band, Laser (front / rear), POP Mode Radar, Safety Alert®, Strobe Alert™, X Band
Warranty 1 Year
RDD Immunity Spectre Alert, Spectre Undetectable, VG-2 Alert, VG-2 Undetectable
GPS Features Current Speed Display, GPS Enabled, Mark Location, Speed / Red Light Camera Database
Display Type Full Color Text
Filtering Multiple City Modes
Mounting Style Windshield
Audio Options Audio Jack, Voice Alerts
  1. Affordable detector 4All all radar bands review by Lwarom on 5/10/2013

    Pro: comes with a free lifetime subscription to the fixed camera database, is affordable,and detects all radar and laser bands, it also works in Europe. Cons: Aura database misses some fixed camera locations, and oftenly Gives False Reads.

  2. PHOTO ENFORCEMENT ALERT FAILURE review by A Reluctant "Film Star" on 4/15/2013

    The important Photo Enforcement Alert feature does not work. At start up Self Test, however, it registers as OK.

  3. WORKS ....NO PROBLEMS review by 09 BLK R/T on 4/11/2011


  4. Many false reads, small screen review by RDC on 3/20/2011

    Suction cup holder in cold weather little value.

  5. GREAT RADAR review by DANIEL on 11/9/2010


  6. I would buy this product again and again review by todobarricas on 11/9/2010

    I found it quite practical and I drive on the road and not going very slow.

  7. AWESOME PRODUCT A+ review by Danny on 11/9/2010

    Best Product I've own so far

  8. great product review by bud on 11/9/2010

    every day driving

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