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Laser Veil Stealth Coating

Laser Veil Stealth Coating
Price: $99.99
Product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Note: This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available. It was replaced by the Laser Veil G5 Stealth Coating.
Product Description

Veil G4 is up to 30% more effective than previous versions, is easier to apply, and has an improved appearance.

Veil stealth coating is made to specifically defend against police laser guns, and makes a great radar detector companion. Laser guns work differently than police radar, and are much more difficult for radar detectors to detect. Even with the best radar detectors, you will typically have little if any time to slow down before the laser gun locks your speed. Too often, a "Laser" alert from your detector means you have already gotten a ticket.

That's where Veil comes in. Apply the Veil coating to your headlights, fog lights and license plate (the reflective areas that the laser gun targets), and the effective range of the laser gun will be reduced. This can give you a precious 5-10 seconds to reduce your speed, plenty of time to avoid a ticket!

It is very important to realize that a radar detector alone cannot be depended upon to effectively protect you against police laser. Adding a passive solution like Veil is a great, low cost way to buy yourself several precious seconds to slow down after receiving a laser alert. This can turn your radar detector into a weapon against police laser, instead of a ticket notifier.

Veil has also been shown to add value, even when the vehicle is already equipped with a laser jammer. Tests showed that, when combined with Veil, the blocking range of some jammers was increased.

Veil is a translucent liquid that is applied like a paint (brushes included). You can apply Veil yourself by following the included instructions. Enough Veil is included to cover (typically) 5-10 vehicles. If necessary, Veil can be removed by following instructions provided in the owners manual.

Important Note

Veil can now be shipped internationally. Customers outside of the US or Canada who are interested in purchasing a large quantity of Veil should contact us for more information.

See Veil Work!

How Veil Works

Before you can understand how Veil works, it helps to have a basic understanding of how LIDAR (laser) works. Police laser guns release a narrow beam of light at a targeted vehicle. Portions of this light is reflected off the vehicle and back to the laser gun. From this reflected light, the laser gun can determine the speed of the vehicle.

Laser works differently than police radar, and a radar / laser detector alone is not enough to protect you. With radar guns, the actual radar signal is very wide and it bounces off just about any obstacle in its path. This makes radar comparatively easy to detect because, even with instant-on radar, your detector will typically "catch a bounce" when the officer targets another vehicle around you. Laser is a very narrow beam that doesn't "bounce". In most cases, the police officer will be targeting your car before your detector alerts you and, since the laser gun can calculate your speed in less than a second, you will not have time to respond before getting a ticket.

In order for the laser gun to calculate a vehicles speed, the light has to be reflected back to the gun. Because of this, police target the more reflective areas of the vehicle. Typically this is the front license plate, headlights, or perhaps a shiny front grill.

Veil works by making those reflective areas of your vehicle less reflective. Covering those areas with Veil will make your vehicle less reflective, which makes it more difficult for the laser gun to calculate your speed. This can give you an extra few seconds to adjust your speed, which is enough time to save a ticket!

The darker the color of your car, the more effective Veil will be. Once you "Veil" the commonly targeted areas of your car, there is nothing left other than the paint to reflect the laser. Lighter colored cars are more reflective than darker ones, so expect better performance with a darker car.

The images below illustrate what a laser gun sees when it targets your car:
Not Treated With Veil Treated With Veil
Untreated Treated with Veil

Proven Performance

Veil has been tested and found to be effective by several independent organizations:

In's Laser Veil review> Craig Peterson found that "...after 120-plus man-hours of testing it on a variety of vehicles, we can confirm that Laser Veil indeed cuts laser target-acquisition range, sometimes dramatically so."

In his test for Speed Measurement Laboratories, Carl Fors concluded: "Veil was effective in reducing a laser gun's ability to target the dark colored vehicle up to 50%."

Click here to read more about Veil test results.

Includes Everything You Need

This Veil package contains everything that you need to get going. Contents include:

  • 5 1/2 oz. Veil - Typically enough for at least 5 vehicles
  • 1 inch nylon brush
  • 1 inch edging brush
  • Instruction manual (in 13 languages)
  • Speed Measurement Labs test results
  • Registration form

Laser Shield Adds More Protection - Save $10 on Combo!
Veil G5 / Laser Shield Combo
More Information
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While you can apply Veil directly to your license plate, the manufacturer recommends that you instead apply Veil to a clear license plate cover. We've found that using our Laser Shield license plate cover is a great option! Apply Veil to the Laser Shield and get added protection on your license plate!

When combined with a Laser Shield, only a light coat of Veil is required. Too much Veil on the Laser Shield could make the license plate difficult to read.
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