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Beltronics Pro 500 Radar Detector

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Quick Overview

The Beltronics Pro 500 Professional Series is the next generation of the most advanced Radar/Laser/Safety Detectors ever designed by Beltronics. featuring full detection on X, K, Superwide Ka radar, including instant-on and POP mode, the PRO 500 does it all with up to ten times the range of other radar detectors in its class. Multiple laser sensor diodes provide instant front and rear laser protection. A varactor-tuned receiver provides long-range protection against all radar and an ultra-bright display lets you read information on the latest threats from virtually any angle.
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Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


The Beltronics Pro 500 Professional Series is the next generation of the most advanced Radar/Laser/Safety Detectors ever designed by Beltronics. It provides the best protection on all radar and laser bands, including X, K, Superwide Ka radar, instant-on and POP mode. Multiple laser sensor diodes provide instant front and rear laser protection. With its SiRFstar III GPS receiver and pre-loaded safety camera database, your Pro 500 is can alert you to thousands of of red light and fixed-position cameras throughout the United States.

The Pro 500 has an ultra-bright, high definition LED matrix / text display to let you read information on the latest threats from virtually any angle. Multiple display options include SpeedAlart™, BarGraph, ThreatDisplay™ and TechDisplay™ with five levels of brightness, including full dark mode.

The Beltronics Pro500 is factory optimized and automatic right out of the box for quick and easy installation. Yet it can be customized for your personal driving preferences with multiple user-selectable options. The Pro 500 has multiple sensitivity modes including AutoScan™ and Beltronics' own Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to filter out false alerts. An AutoMute feature automatically reduces the volume on alerts so you don't have to press any buttons to mute it yourself.

The Beltronics Pro 500 is also compatible with Escort Live! for even greater protection.

The Beltronics Pro 500 comes complete with a quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord™ power cord, quick reference card and a one year manufacturer warranty.


Beltronics Pro 500 Features

  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • Front and Rear Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Detects POP Mode
  • Safety Warning System (SWS™) Alert
  • VG-2 Undetectable
  • GPS
  • Speed / Red Light Camera Database
  • AlertLock GPS Filter
  • Mark Location Alert Database
  • Current Speed Display
  • Over 60 Digital Voice Messages
  • Detailed SWS™ Alerts
  • Ultra Bright LED Alpha-Numeric Text Display
  • Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator
  • Multiple Threat Display
  • AutoScan™ Mode
  • TSR Filter
  • Selectable Bands
  • City Modes, Highway Mode and AutoScan
  • Earphone Jack
  • Audio Alert Only Mode
  • Visual Alert Only Mode
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • Bright/Medium/Minimum/Dark Display Settings
  • Auto Memory Retention
  • Software Upgradable
  • Tech Display
  • Fully Adjustable Audio Levels
  • SmartCord™ Power Cord Compatible
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Beltronics Pro 500 Selectable Features

  • Power-on Indication - Full Description/Letter/Vehicle Voltage/Vehicle Speed
  • SpeedCheck - On/Off
  • Signal Strength Meter - Standard/Threat/Tech Display
  • AutoMute - On/Off
  • Speed/Distance Units - English/Metric
  • Voice Alerts - On/Off
  • Bands Detected - Default/Modified
  • Markers - Default/Modified

Included with the Beltronics Pro 500

  • Beltronics Pro 500 Radar Detector
  • Quick Release Windshield Bracket
  • Coiled SmartCord™ Power Cord
  • Quick Reference Card

Beltronics Pro 500 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.25 in. H x 2.75 in. W x 4.75 in. L

Additional Information

Signals Detected Instant-On (Pulse) Radar, K Band, Ka Band, Laser (front / rear), POP Mode Radar, Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alerts, X Band
Warranty 1 Year
RDD Immunity VG-2 Undetectable
GPS Features Current Speed Display, False Alert Lock Out, GPS Enabled, Mark Location, Speed / Red Light Camera Database
Display Type Text
Filtering Automatic Filter Mode, Selectable Bands, Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) Filter
Mounting Style Windshield
Audio Options Audio Jack, Voice Alerts
  1. pro 500 review by Ray on 12/23/2013

    Its what I expected from BEL

  2. SO FAR SO GOOD review by none on 8/2/2013

    Picks up radar signals well in advance of being in range. Only down side is a few too many false alarms. Overall, it is a good deal for the cost.

  3. Expensive, but worth it review by KeysCop Retired on 6/24/2013

    I picked the BEL Pro 500 based partly on excellent reviews and it has not disappointed me. The auto audio volume reduction on alerts is an excellent feature. The sensitivity of the unit is superior extending to 2 miles or more is some cases. The best feature for Florida drives is the ability to turn off X band, as only K and Ka band can be used in Florida. With X band on you get lots of false alerts from automatic doors. The red light camera detection is good but you do have to subscribe to updates after first 3 months to keep the data base up to date. If you can afford it, the Beltronics Pro 500 is the way to go. It's probably the last radar detector you will buy.

  4. Great Product review by chicagoswimmer on 12/12/2012

    This radar detector has saved me numerous times. It has worked well during many long trips. The plastic attachment to the windshield mount broke and I sent it back for repair. For a small fee the part was fixed along with a software update on the unit. Great service.

  5. Outstanding features, price, sensitivity review by Roadrunner on 7/31/2012

    I am very impressed with the Pro 500 (upgraded & reskined from the GX65). Priced much lower than its sister the Escort 9500ix, the only thing really diferent as far as features are concerned, is you have to manually lock out false alerts. Which I would rather do any how. That and the 9500ix has a blue display option. I was told by a representative that the two have identical inners. Puting it up against my V1 and it holds its ground on all important KA band frequencies. And it falses much less on X & K with the ability to lock out those false alarms.Its sensitive yet selective. Love the features. My V1 looks like an aging old man as its design hasn't changed since I can remember.

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