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Laser Shield - Anti-Laser License Plate Cover

Laser Shield - Anti-Laser License Plate Cover
Price: $19.95

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Product Description

The Laser Shield reduces the range of the police laser gun, providing you with the precious seconds that you need to slow down before he can get your speed.

It is simply a fact, that radar detectors are of little use against police laser guns. The guns are so fast and the beam so narrow, that by the time your radar detector alerts you it is often already too late.

The Laser Shield puts the odds back on your side. This ingenious product mounts over your license plate, which is what police operating laser guns are trained to aim for. It works by absorbing and diffusing the incoming laser beam, shortening the effective distance of the gun.

Your radar detector should alert you as soon as the laser strikes your car, which could provide a few seconds to slow down before the officer can get your speed.

The Laser Shield has been proven effective, and is a great value at this price. It is not as effective as a laser jammer, but it is much less expensive and could save you a ticket if you are in a state where police use laser.

Important Note

This product may not be legal in some cities or states. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.

Doesn't Block License Plate Numbers

The Laser Shield is clear, and does not obstruct the license plate numbers. It also looks the same from all angles.

International Customers
Custom Laser Shield
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Do you live outside of the United States or Canada? Don't worry, we can make a custom sized Laser Shield to fit any license plate!

Because license plate sizes differ across the world, you must fax or email us your license plate dimensions when you order a custom sized Laser Shield. Click here for a template that will make sizing your plate easier. Because custom Super Protectors are manufactured as required, it can take up to 14 days before your order will ship.
On Track Laser Shield Features
  • Absorbs and diffuses incoming police laser beams, significantly shortening the effective distance of the laser gun.
  • Does not obstruct view of license plate numbers.
  • Legal to use in most areas!
  • Avoid a costly ticket!
  • Ultra-thin! Easily slips into most license plate frames!
  • Installs in minutes!
  • Will not yellow!
  • Guaranteed shatterproof!

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