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Whistler Pro 3700 Remote Laser Radar Detector

Quick Overview

The Whistler Pro 3700 is a full featured remote radar detector with maximum performance at a value price. It installs discreetly in your vehicle with versatile mounting on, under or through the dash. The PRO 3700 is loaded with all the standard features you expect from a high performance radar detector - yet it offers even more!
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Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


The Whistler Pro 3700 is a full featured remote radar detector with maximum performance at a value price. It installs discreetly in your vehicle with versatile mounting on, under or through the dash. The PRO 3700 is loaded with all the standard features you expect from a high performance radar detector - yet it offers even more!

The Whistler Pro 3700 responds to radar and laser guns currently in use by police. It includes 3 city modes and 4 filter modes to reduce false alerts. It also provides Laser Atlanta™ Stealth Mode, a technology designed to defeat radar detectors. The PRO 3700 also detects signals from VG-2 and Spectre radar detector detectors..

The Pro 3700 features a modular design that consists of several separate modules. The heart of the Pro 3700 is a ten port interface module that mounts discreetly under the dash. Modules snap into this interface using "telephone style" RJ-11 connectors. The red tri-directional display can be mounted either vertically, horizontally or upside down and text will be displayed correctly. This provides a considerable amount of flexibility when deciding where to mount the display module. The high performance antenna detects both radar and laser and is based upon the same platform that powers Whistler's high end windshield-mount units, providing for X, K and Ka band detection. The Real Voice Module is a speaker that provides alerts verbally. Having the speaker as a separate module offers flexibility, as you can mount it where it is sure to be clearly heard. It is also bilingual, so you can hear alerts in English or Spanish language.

The Pro 3700 also includes ports for further expansion with optional modules. The RLC-360 GPS Module activates quite a few GPS based features, including the ability to alert to traffic cameras and set sensitivity and alerts based on speed. A laser module (LRM-360) is available to further enhance laser sensitivity. Also, a second antenna (SWRA-37) can be added at the rear of the vehicle to improve range from behind. Each of these three modules is sold separately. The Pro 3700 also has three AUX ports for future expansion.

In addition to the modular design and powerful features, the Whistler Pro 3700 also includes Whistler's industry leading five year warranty to ensure durability and peace of mind for the long haul!


The Whistler PRO 3700 will require installation. Installation may include mounting the radar detection unit under the hood of your car, and/or hard wiring the control panel's power cable. If you have never installed something like this before, please take this unit to a professional for installation.

Optional: Rear Antenna Module (SWRA-37)

The Whistler SWRA-37 Antenna Module is designed to be installed on the rear of your vehicle to improve sensitivity from behind - a weaker area for most radar detectors. The SWRA-37 is very similar to the antenna included with the Pro 3700, but without the temperature sensor. The module includes mounting hardware, and connects to the Pro 3700 interface module.

Optional: GPS Kit Module (RLC-360)

The GPS Kit Module (RLC-360) enhances the Pro 3700 with many GPS based features. Most importantly, the Pro 3700 will be enhanced with a nationwide database of speed and red light camera locations and will provide alerts as you approach these devices. These traffic cameras are constantly being added, and the RLC-360 can be updated via the internet using the included USB cable.

The addition of the RLC-360 module also activates other features of the Pro 3700, including the ability to display your vehicle's current speed and to automatically activate "auto quiet" and set filter modes based upon the vehicle's speed. The RLC-360 also activates clock, compass, odometer, elapsed time, and over-speed alert features.

Optional: Laser Module (LRM-360)

The Laser Module (LRM-360) provides additional laser detection from both the front and the rear. This small module (2" H x 1" W) includes a suction cup mount for easy installation on the windshield of your vehicle. The LRM-360 has 3 sensors on the front and one sensor facing the rear to provide 360 degree coverage. Laser detection provided by the Whistler LRM-360 module is in addition to the laser receiver built into the antenna included with the Pro 3700 radar detector.

Whistler PRO 3700 Features

  • X, K, and Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • POP™ Mode Detection
  • Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alert
  • Laser Atlanta™ Stealth Mode
  • VG-2 Alert
  • GPS Ready (Optional GPS module available)
  • Remote Installs Out-of-Sight
  • Bilingual Real Voice® Module (English/Spanish)
  • Remote Red Tri-Directional Text Display
  • Radar/Laser Signature ID
  • Discreet Tri-Colored LED & Security Alert Mode
  • High Performance Antenna with Integrated Laser Detection
  • Selectable Bands
  • 3 City Modes and Highway Mode
  • 4 Filter Modes
  • Ka MAX Mode
  • Quiet / Auto Quiet Modes
  • Bright/Dim/Dark Display Settings
  • Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver
  • Displays Battery Voltage
  • Setting Saver Memory Retention
  • Displays Outdoor Temperature
  • Stay Alert Feature
  • Software Upgradable
  • Fully Adjustable Volume Control
  • Reset
  • Self Test
  • Teach/Tutorial Mode
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Whistler PRO 3700

  • Interface Module
  • Tri-Directional Text Display Console
  • Real Voice® Module
  • High Performance Antenna with Laser Detection
  • LED Alert Indicator
  • Quick Disconnect Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Thru-Dash Bracket
  • Double-Side Tape
  • Owner's Manual
  • Installatiion Manual

Whistler PRO 3700 Specifications

  • Display Unit Dimensions: 3.22 in. W x .95 in. H x .58 in. L
  • Laser/Radar Antenna Dimensions: 3.54 in. W x 1.74 in. H x .90 in. L
  • Interface Box Dimensions: 4.40 in. W x 2.36 in. H x .90 in. L
  • Voice Module Dimensions: 2.19 in. W x 1.21 in. L
  • Package Dimensions: 9 in. W x 6.87 in. H x 3 in. D

Additional Information

Signals Detected Instant-On (Pulse) Radar, K Band, Ka Band, Laser (front / rear), POP Mode Radar, Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alerts, X Band
Warranty 5 Years
RDD Immunity Spectre Alert, VG-2 Alert
GPS Features GPS Option
Display Type Text
Filtering Custom Filter Modes, Multiple City Modes, Selectable Bands, Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) Filter, Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR) Filter
Mounting Style Remote (Under Hood)
Audio Options Voice Alerts
Ports and Connectivity USB Port
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