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Whistler Pro 78 SE Radar Detector

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Quick Overview

The Whistler Pro 78 SE offers the same high performance of previous Whistler radar detectors and adds Ka MAX MODE. The Pro 78 SE contains Whistler's new, re-engineered antenna that offers considerably improved Ka sensitivity and false alert filtering over previous Whistler models. The Pro 78 SE also provides a unique "Signature ID" feature for Ka band radar (RSID) and laser. This feature provides more detailed information about the alert you are receiving, and for laser allows you to lock out false alerts based on the pulse rate!
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Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. It was replaced by the Whistler CR85 Radar Detector .


The Whistler Pro 78 SE offers the same high performance of previous Whistler radar detectors and adds Ka MAX MODE for improved range and detection. The Pro 78 SE contains Whistler's new, re-engineered antenna that offers considerably improved Ka sensitivity and false alert filtering over previous Whistler models. The Pro78 SE also provides a unique "Signature ID" feature for Ka band radar (RSID) and laser. This feature provides more detailed information about the alert you are receiving, and for laser allows you to lock out false alerts based on the pulse rate!

The Pro 78 SE also offers all of the features you would expect in a high performance detector. It will detect POP mode radar and provides Whistler's Real Voice™ alerts. The Pro78 SE provides an intense blue text display with and auto-dim feature, which makes the Pro 78 SE easy to read both day and night. Designed with the professional driver in mind, the Pro 78 SE includes a hardwire kit, non-skid dash pad, and three year warranty.

The Whistler Pro 78 SE also delivers several features that are new to Whistler. These are: "periscope" blue alert LEDs on the top of the unit, and true VG-2 immunity. Other Whistler detectors employ "VG-2 cloaking", in which the detector shuts itself down when it detects the VG-2.


Whistler Pro 78 SE Features

  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Detects POP Mode
  • Ka MAX Mode
  • Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alert
  • VG-2 Stealth
  • Selectable Real Voice™ / Tone Alerts
  • Detailed SWS™ Alerts
  • Intense Blue Dot Matrix Text Display
  • Dual Blue Alert Periscope LED's
  • Radar/Laser Signature ID
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Selectable Bands
  • 3 City Modes and Highway Mode
  • 3 Filter Modes - For Extra Pollution Filtering
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • Bright/Dim/Dark Display Settings
  • Auto Dim
  • Vehicle Battery Saver
  • Setting Saver
  • Option Select Mode
  • Stay Alert Feature
  • Volume Control
  • Self Test
  • Teach/Tutorial Mode
  • IntelliCord Power Cord Compatible
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Whistler Pro 78 SE

  • Windshield Bracket
  • Dash Pad
  • Straight Power Cord
  • Hard Wire Kit
  • Owners Manual

Additional Information

Signals Detected Instant-On (Pulse) Radar, K Band, Ka Band, Laser (front / rear), POP Mode Radar, Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alerts, X Band
Warranty 3 Years
RDD Immunity VG-2 Undetectable
Display Type Text
Filtering Custom Filter Modes, Multiple City Modes, Selectable Bands
Mounting Style Windshield
Audio Options Voice Alerts
  1. Good for rural areas review by Markster on 6/22/2013

    Good sensitivity in rural areas and on the highway. Lots of false alerts though. Mostly worthless in Atlanta area as it goes off almost continously regardless to setting0. It also picks up newer cars that have radar colision avoidance systems. They are becoming more popular and it triggers this detector regardless to the settings you use.

  2. Excellent Detector Except... review by Roadbagger on 4/22/2013

    While excellent for conventional police traffic radar detection there is no provision for newer speed camera detection. i.e., These detectors do not fire until the vehicle has passed by the sensors so no warning is given that a speed camera is being approached. The latest speed cameras are no longer detectable (no beep) after the vehicle has driven passed thus the driver is not aware a detector has be activated and keeps driving by it daily at speed until notice of the infraction is received. Depending on the convoluted bureaucracy involved this could be a week to ten days! If the equipment is located on a commute route this could mean a daily ticket for the time period.

  3. I like the Pro 78 SE because............ review by Brett on 5/11/2012

    I like the blue display because it is easy on the eyes at night yet clear to see in daylight. I like the range of the unit as it gives plenty of warning. I like how it picks up everything cops currently are using. I feel safer and more aware of my surroundings. I don't want to drive without my whistler.

  4. Great product and value review by Dan on 5/2/2012

    The 78se has already done it's job nicely. Yes you can spend 500$ but honestly this is enough. Thus radar detector is almost totally invisible to the Spectre and only detectable from 45 meters. By that time I've already picked up on police radar and shut it off. Readout is crisp as is the audio. Keep it up whistler!

  5. Less than expected review by Palisades Man on 4/26/2012

    Better to buy a Belltroncis 955, 995 (I own two 955's) or better - both have greater Ka Sensitivity - especially around bend and corners - the Whistler slightly better with line of sight and has the Ka ID freq which allows you to know if it's real or a false read. Also the warning sound on the Whistler is an annoying buzz while the Bell has a more soothing bing. Whistler flashing LED's are useless. All in all you get what you pay for in these devices.

  6. For this price,the best money can buy review by Jiri from CZ on 2/5/2012

    The bottom line is: I have been using this microwave detector for 4 years in high density urban and open country application in the magical 35.5 Ka band.The local police measuring equipment here in Europe in the Czech republic is hight tech semi-military hardware but with very low power output.This means that you need to heave a real good sensitivity of your receiver to pick us such weak signals..I have driven with 3 different detectors in the same vehicle to test what's the real difference.Well 2 of the detectors that cost around 500$ a piece, started picking up the Ka around 800 meters in the open field, the Whistler 78 started picking up at around 600 meters.In heavy traffic, the top of the range starter at 400 meters and the 78 started at + - 250 meters. My feeling is that uless you driving 150kms per hour on a 50 km urban road then maybe the top of the range detectors do be suitable but if you a normal driver like myself then 250 meter sensitivity is sufficient to pick up the cops on your way. If you feel that to pay 350 odd $$$ just to see more meters ahead of you ..or if you drive a Porsche Turbo then go for it..but for the average person...the 78 is the right on the spot.Thanks for tunning the Ka band for us you guys in Whistler..you saved us lots of fines.Jiri

  7. Ugh! Not Acceptable! review by Badge6 on 12/24/2011

    Put product in car with another detector which I have used for years and know it works well. Compared performance to known detector and this unit gave false readings, did not give readings when it should have. In one case it did not give a reading until I was about 25 yards from the cop when my old unit had been going off for half mile. Got same results with my old unit turned off to make sure the two detectors were not interfering with each other. Whistler is an old brand so I don't know if I had a defect or they all suck. However the seller handled the situation exactly the way they should have, professionally, quickly, and efficiently. So you can buy from "Buy Radar Detector" web site just don't buy a Whistler. Beltronics is my choice.

  8. Best detector out there for that price review by Dan on 10/23/2011

    Purchased the detector for use in my car in AU. Works great and is easy to switch features on and off. Considering buying another for my other car.

  9. Whistler Pro 78 SE review by JD on 7/27/2011

    Excellent product.

  10. Excellent Range review by Mike on 6/5/2011

    I ordered this after receiving a ticket for 62 in a 45. Most driving is in Virgina so I needed something that would provide enough range to be able to put it away. This detector provides excellent range. I have compared to to an older one I have and there is no comparison. The only real issue I have with it is the display is still bright when set to "dark" until it detects something. I used a piece of black fabric (found in new laptops that is between the screen and keyboard), cut it to fit in between the LEDs and the screen on the inside. With this in place and set to "dark" it is completely dark. When set to "dim" or "normal", you can read it just fine. Another "issue" that isn't really the fault of the manufacture, is the case isn't very durable if dropped. Just don't drop it!

  11. Unhappy with display review by Jimbo on 2/14/2011

    I would not buy this again. You cannot read the blue LED display in daylight. And even in "City" mode, it picks up everything! But my main gripe is the illegibility in daylight. The red display is better. I'd like to exchange it.

  12. Fantastic great value Radar Detector review by Shane the Shredder on 11/8/2010

    I use this product in Auckland, New Zealand on a variety of different roads, City, Rural and Highway and this works perfectly on all different situations. It's great for long-distance detection but also has the occasional false read which isn't entirely a problem but can be irritating.

  13. Very happy with the product review by Kezza on 11/8/2010

    We use it to travel from the country to the city and it has saved us many potential speeding fines. We are also happy with its performance on the occasions we are in the city and using it.

  14. Satisfied Customer review by Corvette Guy on 11/8/2010

    Unit was great price, [...]

  15. Great until speaker issue review by Alaska driver on 11/8/2010

    I use it driving on the highway about 70 miles each day. I had to turn up the filters and turn off the laser due to local interferance. There was no english manual. Worked great until the speaker went bad and now it sounds like the speaker is blown out and distorts everytime it goes off. It's also bigger than I expected. I would still recommend but am not completely happy with it.

  16. The Pro 78 SE has paid for itself review by The Whiz on 11/8/2010

    We use the product every time we drive. I really like the blue display. The dark mode goes completely black

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