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Camera Defense

Photo Radar, Red Light Camera, and Speed Camera Protection

The use of photo radar and red light cameras is becoming increasingly popular across the country. With the ever increasing need for cash by state and local governments, it is likely that the use of speed cameras and red light cameras will grow dramatically in the future.

Radar detectors are generally not very effective against photo radar (speed cameras). This is because the photo radar signal is usually weak, and the photo radar gun is usually positioned at an angle that limits the range of detectors. A radar detector will NEVER provide an alert for a red light camera.

Our anti-photo products are proven to provide protection against photo radar, red light cameras, and speed cameras. Our products work simply by making the license plate numbers unreadable by the camera!

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  1. Laser Shield - Anti-Laser License Plate Cover

    The Laser Shield reduces the range of the police laser gun, providing you with the precious seconds that you need to slow down before he can get your speed.
  2. TollFree Protector - Photo Radar Defense

    The Tollfree Protector is your best defense against the red light camera, toll camera, and the speed camera. This plate cover makes your license plate numbers unreadable at an angle - even the steep angles used by toll booth cameras. The Tollfree Protector also offers the best protection against photo enforcement cameras, such as red light and photo radar. When you view the license plate straight on, the numbers are readable, but from the angle of the speed camera, red light camera, or toll camera the numbers can not be seen. Fits all US and Canadian license plates.
    While the Tollfree Protector offers the best protection, it is also the most noticable of the anti-photo plate covers.
  3. Veil G5 / Photo Blur Combo

    This combo provides the first "complete package" in a license plate cover - a product that protects against both photo enforcement cameras and police laser! It includes Veil G5, a translucent stealth coating that can be applied to your license plate, and a Photo Blur license plate cover.
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3 Item(s)