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false alert filtering

  • What is radar detector IVT Filtering?

    Uniden R7 Display AdvancedMany newer and high end radar detectors now include a feature called IVT filtering. What is radar detector IVT filtering? We're glad you asked.

    In-Vehicle Technology, or IVT, refers to a system embedded or installed in a vehicle used for autonomous, semi-autonomous, or driver assistance. IVT systems include adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, parking assist, autonomous braking, collision avoidance systems, and driver alert systems such as Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM).

    These systems often incorporate the use of radar frequency technology to sense and respond to events around the vehicle. Of course, these radar frequencies can be picked up by radar detectors in other vehicles, which can trigger false alerts.

    Radar detectors equipped with IVT filters can identify and filter out these erroneous signals, thus eliminating false alerts and increasing the likelihood that any alert is a real threat from a police radar gun.

    The term is generally used by Escort and Cobra radar detectors to describe their false alert filtering systems.

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