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  • Cobra SPX 7800BT video review with the Veil Guy

    Cobra Radar Detectors have been around for decades, and Cobra has long been a well recognized brand within the detector market. Unfortunately, when compared with Beltronics or Escort , it wasn't always the most respected. However, that perception may be changing for Cobra detectors, and even more so when bundled with Veil G5 Stealth Coating.

    In this exclusive video interview with the CEO of Veil Corporation, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors talks with Bob Rosania, aka The Veil Guy, and finds out what he really thinks of the Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector with Bluetooth® technology. He tells us what he likes about this Cobra detector and why he uses it when on the road.

    The Cobra SPX 7800BT and other Cobra radar detectors are available from Buy Radar Detectors.

  • Tinted windows and radar detectors

    The performance of a windshield mounted radar detector depends on a several factors, aside from the features and limitations of the detector itself. The detector needs to be configured properly, installed in the right location on the windshield, and mounted at the just right angle for optimal pickup of both radar signals and laser beams. There is one more factor to consider. It is a key consideration of your entire radar defense system that is often overlooked, but is very important, because it can severely hinder performance of any radar detector, low or high end, no matter how good it may be.

    It's your windshield.

    If your windshield is tinted, as most are these days, it will likely affect the ability of your radar detector to detect radar or laser. Some tinted windows use polymer or ceramic films, coatings or dyes. Other tinted windows, particularly those installed in some luxury vehicles, use a tint containing metals. Radar does not penetrate metal well, and if your radar detector cannot pick it up from the other side of the glass, you won't get an alert.

    In addition, since the primary purpose of window tinting is to shield against the sun and other bright light, it can also reduce the intensity of a laser beam as it penetrates the glass. This can negatively affect the ability of your detector to detect a police laser threat.

    The scope of the problem depends on the type of tinting you have, of course, and the area it covers. If only the top portion of the glass is tinted, you're in luck, all you need to do is reposition the detector below the tinted area. However, if your windshield is fully tinted, beware. You may have a problem.

    If you purchase a radar detector and it doesn't seem to work or perform to your expectations, check your installation before you return it or toss it in the trash. It may not be an issue with your detector at all, it could be your windows.

  • My radar detector doesn't work

    It's a given that all radar detectors are not created equal. Some are more sensitive than others, and the more expensive, higher end models tend to have many more features and functions along with an expected increase in overall performance. Of course, there are always exceptions, and there is a sweet spot between cost and performance, which can ultimately reveal a radar detector that provides the best overall value.

    Some folks who buy radar detectors, particularly those who are new to the whole detection thing and purchase one for the very first time, rely on branding, features, price, or reputation alone. They set their expectations based solely on their familiarity with a manufacturer's name, product marketing hype, how many bells and whistles it may have, how much it costs, or the personal or professional recommendation of someone they know or trust.

    Unfortunately, some of them are quick to return the detector or toss it in the trash if it doesn't meet or exceed their expectations or perform as they think it should. These users immediately put the blame squarely on the radar detector itself, and may even lose faith in the entire brand. Yes, a thirty dollar radar detector may not be the best countermeasure on the road, but a $400 model? Surely it must be defective, right?


    True, some detectors are better than others, and there are even some devices that are DC powered junk. However, there are other factors that determine the value and performance of a radar detector, most of which have little or absolutely nothing to do with the choice of detector itself. In fact, many performance issues can be alleviated or resolved without a replacement, repair or upgrade.

    Proper installation and placement
    Where you mount your detector has a much greater impact on performance than the detector itself. Placement also depends on whether you intend to use it more for radar or laser (lidar) detection. place it in the "sweet spot" and your economy model may serve you well. Mount it anywhere else and your premium priced model may not detect much at all.

    Understand the limitations
    Radar is line-of-sight, so all radar detectors will have that limitation of detection. Don't expect your radar detector to pick up a radar gun that isn't aimed in your general direction or isn't even turned on. Also, laser is much faster than radar and no radar detector on the market can detect a laser beam until it has already been hit, which means you've already been clocked. For a more effective defense against laser threats, an additional countermeasure such as Veil G5 is needed. Although it won't prevent a ping, it will slow down the process, giving your detector time to alert you before you're clocked, and usually giving you a little time to react after you get the alert.

    In addition, there are other methods of traffic enforcement that don't involve radar or lasers at all, such as VASCAR. Your device simply can't detect them. You can't blame the detector for that.

    Learn the features
    Learn what the features are and how they work. Some manufactures re-label certain features with trademarked titles or names, but it doesn't necessarily mean they do the same thing any better. It's just a label. Learn what these functions really are and what they do and don't do. What is the difference between K, Ka and Ku detection, and why is that important to know? What is VG-2 detection? What is POP mode? What is TSR? Learn about these features before you use the radar detector for the first time. Read The Manual. Do it first. This is important for proper configuration of the detector.

    Proper configuration
    Once you know the features, you need to properly configure the device. Often a radar detector doesn't do its job simply because it wasn't configured well, or configured at all. Adjust settings accordingly for city and highway use. Filter out unwanted alerts from locations known for false signals, such as nearby retail locations and buildings with automatic doors. Set up visual and voice alerts or mute them as needed. Proper setup and configuration will optimize your detector for best performance.

    Proper operation
    Your detector can't alert you if the alerts are disabled or the device isn't even on. That's certainly not the detector's fault.

    Upgrades and maintenance
    An old detector with an outdated database or firmware won't help much against the latest radar and laser threats. A new detector that isn't updated or maintained well won't make it much better.

    There's a lot more to using a radar detector than just turning it on. It is important to understand how it works. Proper placement of the detector is key, and a thorough understanding of its features, limitations and general operation is also important. Yes, it is easy to bash, trash or return your detector to the dealer, but before you cast it to the curb, be sure it's due to a malfunction and not a misconception. It may not be what you think.

  • Beltronics GT-7 unboxing video

    Beltronics recently released the GT-7 radar detector to market. This sleek new addition to the Beltronics line looks a lot like an Escort Passport Max with a more colorful, copper shell, but is it the same thing, or is it something else entirely?

    In this video, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors opens up the box, turns it on, and takes you through the menu for a first look at the features of this radar detector.

  • 2015 Escort Radar Detector Comparison Chart

    Escort has completely revamped their line of radar detectors during the last year or so, improving both performance and looks. As an Authorized Escort Dealer, Buy Radar Detectors has them in stock and available for delivery right to your door. From the classic, cordless Solo S3 to the powerful and sophisticated Passport Max2, there is a radar detector for almost any type of driver, but which one is right for you?

    This quick comparison chart lists some important features of Escort's current models. You can also compare the new models to older, classic, legacy models listed in the 2013 Escort Radar Detector Comparison Chart. In addition, there are other resources available to help you choose, including videos, articles and product comparisons between specific makes and models of radar detectors currently available.

    The chart below includes popular models across the Escort line.

    Escort Model GPS Voice Alerts Display USB Undetectable
    Passport 8500ci Plus Text
    9500ci Text
    Passport Max2 OLED
    Passport Max GPS Filter OLED
    Redline Text/Graphic
    Passport 9500ix Text
    Solo S3 Text
    Passport OLED
    Passport 8500 X50 Black (Blue Display) Text
    Passport 8500 X50 Black (Red Display) Text
  • 2015 Cobra Radar Detector Comparison Chart

    Cobra has gained some respect with their current line of dash mount radar detectors. As an Authorized Cobra Dealer, we carry them in our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors for immediate delivery right to your door. We also have several resources to help you shop for the radar detector that fits your needs, such as articles and reviews, product videos and our online comparison tool.

    Below is a list of the Cobra Radar Detectors currently available from our online store with a comparison of popular features. To compare the current models in this chart with previous models, refer to our 2013 Cobra Radar Detector Comparison Chart. You can also compare them to our 2013 Beltronics, Escort and Whistler radar detector comparison charts.

    Cobra Model GPS Voice Alerts Display USB Undetectable
    SPX 5300 LED VG-2
    SPX 5400 LED VG-2/Spectre 1
    SPX 5500 Data/Text VG-2/Spectre 1
    SPX 6700 OLED VG-2/Spectre 1
    SPX 7700 LED VG-2/Spectre 1
    SPX 7800BT via smartphone LED VG-2/Spectre 1
    DSP 9200BT via smartphone OLED VG-2/Spectre 1
  • Escort Passport Max and Max2 video review with the Veil Guy

    Escort Radar is well known for its Passport radar/laser detector series, and two models in particular, the Max and Max2, stand out as some of the top products in the Escort line. But are they? How do they really compare, even when bundled with Veil G5 Stealth Coating?

    In this exclusive video interview, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors talks with Bob Rosania, CEO of Veil Corporation, also known as The Veil Guy, as he reviews the Escort Passport Max and Max2 side by side. He also tells us what he thinks of the Escort StickyCup Mount and how it compares to a standard windshield mounting bracket with two suction cups.

    The Escort Max, Max2, StickyCup and other radar detector products are available from Buy Radar Detectors

  • 2015 Beltronics Radar Detector Comparison Chart

    This autumn, Beltronics added one new model to their current line of radar detectors, the GT-7. With the holidays upon us, it seemed like a good time to update our comparison chart and add the GT-7 to the list.

    This comparison chart, together with our other articles and reviews, product videos and online comparison tool, can help make shopping for a radar detector even easier.

    Below is a chart of the Beltronics Radar Detectors available for 2015 and a comparison of specific features. They include every current model in the Beltronics line, from the dashmount Pro Series and the brand new GT-7 to the installed and concealed STiR Plus. You can compare the current models in this chart to our 2011-2012 Beltronics Radar Detector Comparison Chart for a quick comparison between older and new models. You can also compare them to our 2013 Escort Radar Detector Comparison Chart.

    Buy Radar Detectors is an Authorized Beltronics Dealer.

    Beltronics Model GPS Voice Alerts Display USB Undetectable
    GT-7 OLED/Text
    Pro 500 OLED/Text
    Pro 300 Text
    Pro 200 Text
    Pro 100 Text
    STiR Plus Text
  • Escort Passport and Passport 8500 X50 comparison video with the Veil Guy

    Escort Radar Detectors are almost synonymous with the word Passport, and many popular models from the manufacturer have included it in their name. But are all Escort Passport radar detectors the same? Are they equally effective, especially when bundled with Veil G5 Stealth Coating?

    In this exclusive video interview with the Veil Guy, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors talks with Bob Rosania, CEO of Veil Corporation, as he compares the Escort Passport with the Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black.

    The Escort Passport 8500 X50 is available from Buy Radar Detectors with your choice of a red or blue display.

  • Photo enforcement license plate covers and Veil G5 Stealth Coating

    Veil G5 Stealth Coating can be combined with a radar and laser detector for a more effective solution against police laser guns. It can also work with OnTrack license plate covers such as the Photo Blur for a more complete protection system.

    In this exclusive video interview with The Veil Guy, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors talks with Bob Rosania, CEO of Veil Corporation and asks him what he thinks of using Veil G5 with OnTrack License Plate Covers such as the Photo Blur, Super Protector and Laser Shield.

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