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  • Whistler updates its CR Series Radar Detectors with four new models

    In 2013 Whistler introduced their CR series radar and laser detectors. The CR series consolidated the Whistler product line into six distinct models, offering simplified choices and value at very reasonable prices. The CR85 and CR90 were considered the radar detectors with the best value, as both hit that perfect balance of performance to price.

    Recently the company updated the CR detector series with four new models, the CR68, CR73, CR88 and CR93.

    Whistler CR68

    Whistler CR68

    The CR68 is the new entry level model in the CR series, replacing the CR65. It detects X, K, and Ka bands with full 360 degree detection of all types of laser, POP™ mode detection, Safety Warning System (SMS) and VG-2 detection. It has several filters to minimize or eliminate false alerts, including Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR), Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR) to filter out signals from collision avoidance systems, 3 city modes, highway mode, Radar Signature ID (RSID) and Laser Signature ID (LSID) to measure pulses per second (PPS) from laser guns.

    The CR68 is equipped with a numeric text display, numeric signal strength indicator, dual alert periscope LEDs, tone alerts, Alert Priority, Stay Alert®, vehicle battery saver and a setting saver. Our Price: 59.99.

    Whistler CR73

    Whistler CR73

    The CR73 is essentially the same model as the CR68 but with one added feature. It includes all of the radar and laser detection as its lower end counterpart and has all the filters. In addition to the tone alerts found in the CR68, the CR73 adds Real Voice® alerts. Admittedly, this is nothing new to Whistler. Several older models in the CR line also have voice alerts. However, the CR73 takes that feature and makes it bilingual. The voice alerts are now available in your choice of English or Spanish language. Our Price: 79.99.

    Whistler CR88

    Whistler CR88

    The Whistler CR88 is the next model in the line and replaces the CR85. It has all the features and filters of the CR73 and takes them to another level. The CR88 adds four X and K filter modes and four Ka filter modes. It also has Radar Signature ID (RSID) to display the actual frequency of a police radar gun and Laser Signature ID (LSID) display the pulse rate of a laser. It also swaps out the Icon display found on the lower models and replaces it with a blue OLED text display with bilingual readouts in English or Spanish. The CR88 is compatible with the Intellicord® as an added bonus. Our Price: 159.99.

    Whistler CR93

    Whistler CR93

    The CR93 is the premium model in this line and replaces the now discontinued CR90. It bundles all of the features found in the CR88 with an internal GPS and includes some serious extras, such as an upgradeable red light and speed camera database, a compass, a clock and a tutorial mode. It has an external audio jack and a USB port. Like the CR88, it is also Intellicord&reg: ready. Our Price: 189.99.

    The chart below compares the features of all four models. For a comparison with older models in the CR Series, the 2013 Whistler Radar Detector Comparison Chart is also available. We also have product videos, articles and a Buyer's Guide.

    Whistler CR radar detectors are available from Buy Radar Detectors.

    Whistler CR Series Comparison
    X, K, and Ka Detection
    360° Protection against all types of Laser
    POP™ Mode
    Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
    Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alert
    VG-2 Alert
    Red Light/Speed Camera Database
    Internal GPS
    City and Highway Modes
    Selectable Bands
    4 X/K Filter Modes
    4 Ka Filter Modes
    Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) Filter
    Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR) Filter
    Radar Signature ID (RSID)
    Laser Signature ID (LSID)
    Alert Priority
    Tone Alerts
    Bilingual (English/Spanish) Real Voice® Alerts
    Volume Control
    Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
    Numeric Icon Display
    Bilingual (English/Spanish) OLED Display
    Dual Blue Alert Periscope LEDs
    Blue Numeric Signal Strength Indicator
    Setting Saver
    Stay Alert® Feature
    Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
    Feature Engaged Confirmation
    Speed Selectable Auto Quiet
    Dim/Dark Display Settings
    Auto Dim/Dark Mode
    External Audio Jack
    USB Port
    Teach/Tutorial Mode
    Power On Self Test
    Reset Mode
    Intellicord® Capable
    Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
    Price (MSRP)$59.99$79.99$159.99$189.99
  • Cobra RAD Series radar and laser detectors comparison

    A couple of years ago Cobra rebooted their line of radar detectors, adding a boost to its reputation in detector design and performance. Recently the company added a new series to its product lineup. Called RAD, this new series of radar and laser detectors entered the market with three models, the RAD 250, RAD 350 and RAD 450.

    The chart below compares the features of all three models in the Cobra RAD series. You can also compare the new models to older, classic, legacy models listed in the 2015 Cobra Radar Detector Comparison Chart. We have other resources as well, such as product and unboxing videos, articles and a Buyer's Guide to help you choose the best radar detector for your needs.

    Cobra radar detectors are in stock and available from Buy Radar Detectors for delivery to your door.

    Cobra RAD Series Comparison
    FeatureRAD 250RAD 350RAD 450
    X, K, Ka, and Detection
    Detects all types of laser
    Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
    VG-2 Alert
    City and Highway Modes
    Adjustable Sensitivity
    Anti-Falsing Circuitry
    IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) Filter
    Signal Strength Meter
    Tone Alerts
    Auto and Manual Muting
    Volume Control
    Dual Language (English/Spanish)
    Dim Mode
    Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
    Price (MSRP)$79.95$99.95$149.95
  • Buy Radar Detectors is new and improved for 2017!

    Buy Radar Detectors has been a reliable source for the highest quality speed enforcement and traffic surveillance countermeasures at the best prices since 2002. Now we are taking your online shopping experience to the next level. We've introduced a new and improved web site for 2017!

    We've made it easier than ever to find the products you need with the features you want at the prices that fit your budget. All of our resources are here, including informative articles, videos and news on the latest products and technologies available on the market. We've coupled all this with our legendary customer service, knowledgeable support team and live online chat to give you a virtual shopping experience that beats any local retailer or big box chain, and all from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

    Search for your radar detector by brand, category or product type. Search by key features, mounting preference or price. Find the product that best fits you with our Buyer's Guide. Call us, e-mail or enter our live chat Monday thru Friday and we can assist you personally to help you get exactly what you need.

    Danny Feemster, President of Buy Radar Detectors, sums it all up. "Our web site has been running on a platform that we developed in-house, starting back in 2002. While it has evolved over the years, it simply wasn’t cut out for the web of today. Moving to this new platform has been a long process, but now that we’ve launched we’re able to take advantage of exciting new functionality. Most noticeable is our new design, which is more modern and user friendly, particularly for mobile devices. I’m most excited that this new platform will allow us to stay ahead of the curve, and enable our staff to more easily deliver the service and support that you’ve come to expect."

    Our new and improved web site is now online at www.buyradardetectors.com. Whether you're searching for a quality radar detector, laser defense system, reliable photo radar/red light camera/speed camera protection, cb radios, car care products, accessories or any of our other products, we want to give you the best virtual shopping experience possible.

    Do you like the new look? Does it need improvement? We want to know what you think. Leave us a note in the comments below and tell us how we can make your shopping experience at Buy Radar Detectors even better!

  • Whistler CR Series video

    Whistler Radar Detectors are known for solid performance at a modest price. They continue this tradition with their CR Series. The Whistler CR Series consists of six models, the CR65, CR70, CR75, CR80, CR85 and CR90.

    This video hosted by Danny Feemster introduces the entire Whistler CR Series radar detectors and compares the features of each model. Buy Radar Detectors is an authorized Whistler dealer.


  • Beltronics Pro Series video

    Beltronics is a top name in Radar and Laser detection. They've given their product line a complete makeover with their Beltronics Pro Series radar detectors. The Pro Series consists of four models, the Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300 and Beltronics Pro 500.

    This brief video hosted by Danny Feemster introduces the entire Pro Series and tells you about some of the features included with each model. Buy Radar Detectors is an authorized Beltronics dealer.

  • Veil G5 Stealth Coating video with the Veil Guy

    Veil G5 Stealth Coating is a passive countermeasure against police lidar that can add valuable seconds to your reaction time in case of an alert. Just how effective is it? How does work? If you already have a radar detector or laser jammer, why would you need even it?

    Get the answers to all of these questions and more in this exclusive video interview, as Bob Rosania, CEO of Veil Corporation, explains what Veil G5 is, how it works when properly applied to your vehicle, and why it is a critically important component of a complete radar detection system to protect you from laser threats. Plus, you'll hear it all straight from the Veil Guy.

    Veil G5 Stealth Coating is available from Buy Radar Detectors.

  • Why are radar detectors illegal in Virginia?

    As of October 2018, radar detectors are legal for use in each of the United States except one (Washington D.C. is not a state). That state is the commonwealth of Virginia. Recently a reader of our blog asked, why are radar detectors illegal in Virginia? While it may seem like an innocently nescient query to some, and a purposefully rhetorical statement to others, it is a genuinely perplexing one, especially considering the fact that, out of all fifty states, Virginia is the sole hold-out, and seemingly rather defiantly so.

    As for why the law exists, the general argument is that radar detectors encourage drivers to break traffic enforcement laws, particularly in regards to speeding. However, according to opponents of the law, the ban on radar detectors does nothing to prevent speeding, and can actually make the problem worse. They contend the law is archaic, and is unfair to those who live in surrounding states where radar detectors are allowed and travel or commute over the border with the device in their possession. Also, Virginia uses other methods for speed enforcement that a radar detector cannot detect anyway, so the presence of one in those cases has no effect at all, and therefore does nothing to circumvent the law. Yet this logic seems all but lost on the majority of Virginia lawmakers.

    The law banning radar detectors in Virginia has yet to be repealed, but it's not for lack of trying. In 2010, The Virginia House of Delegates voted down HB674, a bill to repeal the ban on radar detectors introduced by Delegate Joe May(R) - House District 33, who argued that the law was unfriendly to travelers through the state. In January 2015, Del. Dave LaRock [R] introduced House Bill No. 2079, "A BILL to repeal §46.2-1079 of the Code of Virginia". On January 28, the Virginia House of Delegates voted to table the bill, and on February 11, 2015, passed the buck to the Virginia House Transportation Committee, where it was "Left in Transportation", and is still sitting as of the date of this article.

    Why are radar detectors illegal in Virginia, still? At the end of the day, it is a question that only the lawmakers of Virginia can answer, because it's their law. Whether it is by the will of the people of Virginia or just its delegates remains unclear, but nevertheless, as draconian as it seems, and until further notice, it is still their law.

  • Escort Sticky Cup vs. the standard windshield bracket

    Escort Sticky Cup Mount.jpgXLT radar detector mounting bracket.jpg
    Escort fairly recently changed the type of suction cup that they ship with some of their higher end radar detectors. What was once a small, traditional metal bracket with two suction cups is now a larger bracket with a single large, prominent, Sticky Cup. The Escort Max, Max2 and the new Beltronics GT-7 all include this new Sticky Cup.

    The Sticky Cup is more than just a windshield mount with a super sized suction cup. It is literally sticky, hence the name "Sticky Cup". The cup itself has a sort of sticky, gummy surface on the suction side, presumably to help it grab the windshield glass better.

    And grab the glass it does. Once the paper backing is removed from the sticky area and the cup is placed in the desired position, it's a simple matter of closing the locking clamp to create the suction in the cup and seal it tight to the windshield.

    Not surprisingly, the Sticky Cup can handle the weight of the premium Escort and Beltronics detectors. Since the suction cup itself is considerably larger and "stickier" than the small, clear cups included with the standard metal windshield bracket, that is certainly to be expected. It is also quite adjustable. There is a large knob on the side of the bracket allows you to rotate the bracket on the mount to position the radar detector at the desired angle.

    The Sticky Cup does seem to have a lot to offer in comparison to the old, standard radar detector mount, and at first glance one would think it is far superior in every way. However, it does have some drawbacks, a few which may put the plain, two cup mount back into consideration.

    Consider this.

    The Escort Sticky Cup is large. It is also a solid, completely opaque black. this makes the Sticky Cup a lot more noticeable. Some may consider the Sticky Cup a little too big to be discreet at all. The standard metal brackets are small, and the dual suction cups are clear or translucent. This type of bracket is not as noticeable on a windshield as the Sticky Cup.

    The Sticky Cup is one single cup. Unlike the standard mounts, which typically have two suction cups, the Escort Sticky Cup is completely on its own. Why is it something to consider? Well, consider this. Any suction cup can lose suction from time to time. It just happens. If it happens to a two cup mount, there is a chance they may go one at a time, which gives you time to catch it first and instantly re-mount it before everything falls down.

    However, when the Sticky Cup goes, there is nothing to hold it back. You can't count on the sticky surface of the cup to delay it. The stickiness just isn't sticky enough to counter the weight. When it falls, It just falls, and everything, the cup, the mount and the detector, falls with it. You simply won't have time to react.

    Adjusting the Sticky Cup is easy, but it is somewhat limited. The big plastic knob is certainly better for adjusting the angle of your radar detector. Simply loosen the knob, tilt the detector, and tighten the know again. There is one limitation. It adjusts in steps. They are very small steps, to be sure, but they are still set increments.

    In contrast, the standard metal windshield mount can easily and instantly be bent to the degree desired, without loosening or tightening something in the process. Simply bend the mount exactly to the angle you want, and let go. You're done.

    Removal of the Sticky Cup can take longer than the removal of a standard two cup mount. Taking the Sticky Cup off a windshield is a two step process. First, the locking clamp must be released, which can be a bit cumbersome to get to if the radar detector is mounted at an angle that obstructs your access to the clamp and if you have big fingers. After the clamp is unlocked, you must pull the tab at the rim of the cup to release the suction and remove the mount.

    To release a standard two cup mount, simply grab the edges of the cups with your fingers and lift them from the surface of the windshield. With a little practice, this can be accomplished in one deft move. Such speed may be necessary if, say, you are pulled over in a jurisdiction where radar detectors are illegal (Virginia and Washington, D.C.) and you quickly want to hide it away from view.

    The Sticky Cup is sticky. It can be seen as an advantage over a regular two cup mount, but it can also be a disadvantage. Sticky surfaces tend to pick up dirt, dust and other artifacts very easily, which can severely limit or completely hinder the ability of the cup to stick to anything at all. According to the instructions, the Sticky Cup can be rinsed under warm water to clean it off, but care must be taken to keep the dirt at a minimum.

    The standard two cup detector mount, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a simple wipe down, if needed. Since the little cups on these mounts are usually smooth and not sticky, in most cases, a cleaning it isn't even needed.

    The Sticky Cup costs more. the Escort Sticky Cup mount sells for $29.95. While it's not the most expensive mount on the market, it is a premium, to be sure.

    The Bel Pro / Escort Windshield Mounting Bracket is about half that price, at $14.95.

    The best deal of all is the XLT Brand Windshield Mounting Bracket for Beltronics / Escort Radar Detectors. it includes a second pair of suction cups as part of the package. Plus, it comes with free shipping. This one is a real bargain. It's only $6.99.

    If you want a premium mount for your Escort or Beltronics radar detector that supports it, and you don't mind the caveats, then the Escort Sticky Cup may be the mount for you. Before you choose, consider it from every angle, not just the one posted for the product. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

  • Cobra SPX 7800BT video review with the Veil Guy

    Cobra Radar Detectors have been around for decades, and Cobra has long been a well recognized brand within the detector market. Unfortunately, when compared with Beltronics or Escort , it wasn't always the most respected. However, that perception may be changing for Cobra detectors, and even more so when bundled with Veil G5 Stealth Coating.

    In this exclusive video interview with the CEO of Veil Corporation, Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors talks with Bob Rosania, aka The Veil Guy, and finds out what he really thinks of the Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector with Bluetooth® technology. He tells us what he likes about this Cobra detector and why he uses it when on the road.

    The Cobra SPX 7800BT and other Cobra radar detectors are available from Buy Radar Detectors.

  • Tinted windows and radar detectors

    The performance of a windshield mounted radar detector depends on a several factors, aside from the features and limitations of the detector itself. The detector needs to be configured properly, installed in the right location on the windshield, and mounted at the just right angle for optimal pickup of both radar signals and laser beams. There is one more factor to consider. It is a key consideration of your entire radar defense system that is often overlooked, but is very important, because it can severely hinder performance of any radar detector, low or high end, no matter how good it may be.

    It's your windshield.

    If your windshield is tinted, as most are these days, it will likely affect the ability of your radar detector to detect radar or laser. Some tinted windows use polymer or ceramic films, coatings or dyes. Other tinted windows, particularly those installed in some luxury vehicles, use a tint containing metals. Radar does not penetrate metal well, and if your radar detector cannot pick it up from the other side of the glass, you won't get an alert.

    In addition, since the primary purpose of window tinting is to shield against the sun and other bright light, it can also reduce the intensity of a laser beam as it penetrates the glass. This can negatively affect the ability of your detector to detect a police laser threat.

    The scope of the problem depends on the type of tinting you have, of course, and the area it covers. If only the top portion of the glass is tinted, you're in luck, all you need to do is reposition the detector below the tinted area. However, if your windshield is fully tinted, beware. You may have a problem.

    If you purchase a radar detector and it doesn't seem to work or perform to your expectations, check your installation before you return it or toss it in the trash. It may not be an issue with your detector at all, it could be your windows.

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