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  • Escort Redline improved with new high performance features

    redline.jpgIt is certainly no secret that the Escort Redline is one of the top names on the list of high performance radar detectors available today. What you may not know is that this powerful and popular model was recently updated with new features to further enhance its radar detection capabilites. That's right. A new version of the Redline is now shipping with two new features. The only thing is, you have to find them.

    Fortunately, Buy Radar Detectors can help. We're going to tell you what these new features are and, more importantly, how to find them, because (at least for the moment) they aren't in the manual.

    Superwide Ka Segment Adjust
    Scanning the entire Superwide Ka band can slow down detection and isn't necessary when only a few of those bands are used in your country or region. The Superwide Ka Segment Adjust allows you to select specific frequencies on the Superwide Ka band to be scanned while ignoring those that are not relevant for your area. This selective scanning will speed up scanning and detection time, thus adding precious seconds to potential alerts.

    Radar Detector Rejection
    Some false alerts are caused by radar detectors in other vehicles. Radar Detector Rejection (RDR) minimizes these false alerts by rejecting those generated by other detectors. As with other scans, performance of the Redline increases when RDR is off, however this can also increase the number of false alerts from other radar detectors. If you are driving with little traffic, turning RDR off can be helpful. If you are in an urban area or on a busy highway, turning RDR on may be preferable. Either way, you have a choice.

    These features sound great. There's just one issue. Escort recently added these new features to the latest version of the Redline detector itself, but, as of the date of this article, not to the user manual. Instead, the company included a card with the new version of the Redline that explains how to use the new Superwide Ka Segment Adjust. Unfortunately, the instructions are incorrect. In addition, there is no information at all about the second feature, the RDR Toggle. However, don't worry, because we're going to give you the correct instructions for both. Read on.

    Accessing the Ka Segment Adjust
    To adjust Superwide Ka, you must first turn Ka off. To do so, hold down the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS buttons simultaneously for two seconds until PREFS appears on the display. This is the Preferences menu. To navigate through the menu, press the RVW (Volume/Mute) button repeatedly until BANDS appears on the display. Press the SENS button repeatedly until Ka SW ON appears, then hold down the SENS button for one second to turn Ka SW OFF.

    Once Superwide Ka is off, you can continue to press the SENS button to toggle through the other bands. You will now have ten additional items on the menu, all Ka frequencies. Using the SENS button, you can now selectively turn them on or off.

    Note: Escort's instructions tell you to turn the bands on or off by using the MUTE button. This is incorrect. Pressing the MUTE button will take you back to the main preferences menu, which will only serve to confuse and frustrate you.

    Setting the RDR Toggle
    To access RDR, Hold down the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS buttons simultaneously for two seconds until PREFS appears on the display. Press the RVW (Volume/Mute) button repeatedly until BANDS appears on the display. Press the SENS button repeatedly until RDR appears, then hold down the SENS button for one second to toggle RDR ON or OFF.

    Escort added two great new features to the Redline radar detector that will help you drive smarter. All they need to do now is tell you where to find them so it won't drive you crazy. Hopefully, we just helped you drive that one home.

  • FREE multi-port adapter with Whistler XTR-690SE - one week only!

    WhistlerXTR-690SE bundle4.pngIf you've been thinking of getting that high performance Whistler radar detector, now may be the time to do it. For one week only Buy Radar Detectors is offering a special bundle with a top-of-the-line model. For every Whistler XTR-690 SE Radar Detector purchased, you get a FREE XLT CA250 Two Port 12V Vehicle Power Adapter with USB Port - a $10 value!

    The CA250 is a handy device that splits your existing single 12v vehicle DC outlet, also known as a cigarette lighter plug, into two separate sockets so you can power two devices at the same time. In addition to the standard 12 sockets, it also has a built-in USB port so you can connect a cell phone, tablet, two way radio or any other standard USB powered device in your vehicle. USB is the industry standard in powering and charging mobile devices, and as these devices grow in popularity, USB charging ports are becoming almost a necessity in vehicles. The XLT CA250 provides a simple, instant upgrade to mobile power in a digital world, and now you can have one FREE when you purchase the Whistler XTR-690SE!

    The Whistler XTR-690SE is a high performance radar / laser detector with Ka MAX MODE for even greater range and detection. According to Whistler, the XTR 690 SE offers performance equivalent to a Beltronics or Escort radar detector at a much lower cost.

    Whistler includes a Signature ID feature into the XTR-690 SE that provides more detailed information about Ka band radar (RSID) alerts and allows you to lock out false laser alerts based on the pulse rate! The XTR690SE also detects POP mode radar and offers true VG-2 immunity. Other standard features include Whistler's Real Voice™ alerts, periscope alert LEDs, text display, a battery voltage meter, and a digital compass.

    The XTR-690 SE and XLT CA250 is a smart bundle at a great price. There is no coupon needed and no hoops to jump through. When you purchase the radar detector, the CA250 will be automatically added to your order when you checkout. This is a limited time offer and is available ONE WEEK only until June 19, 2013 or while supplies last.

    For a closer look at this radar detector and its features, watch The Whistler XTR-690SE Radar Detector video.

  • 2013 Beltronics Radar Detector Comparison

    During the past year Beltronics refreshed their line of radar detectors. Since Buy Radar Detectors is an Authorized Beltronics Dealer, we carry them all. To make shopping for a Beltronics radar detector as easy as possible, we created a set of resources to help you find the one you need, such as articles and reviews, product videos and even an online comparison tool.

    Below is a chart of the Beltronics Radar Detectors currently available and some of their key features, from the dashmounted Pro Series to the installed and concealed RX45. You can compare the current models in this chart to our 2011-2012 Beltronics Radar Detector Comparison Chart for a first hand look at the key differences between the older and new models. You can also compare them to our 2013 Escort Radar Detector Comparison Chart.

    Beltronics Model GPS Voice Alerts Display Undetectable
    RX45 Graphical/Text
    STi Magnum Text
    Pro 500 Text
    Pro 300 Text
    Pro 200 Text
    Pro 100 Text
    STiR Plus Text
  • 2013 Escort Radar Detector Comparison

    As an Authorized Escort Dealer, Buy Radar Detectors is proud to carry their completed product line of radar/laser detectors. There are a number of models to choose from, and with all of the features available, choosing the right radar detector for your needs can become a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we have have tools available to help you figure it all out. There are videos, articles and product comparisons between specific makes and models.

    Here is a quick comparison chart that lists a few key features of Escort's current models. You can compare the new models to the older, 2011-2012 Escort Radar Detector Comparison Chart to note any improvements to the current line.

    The chart below includes all the current Escort radar detectors we currently offer, from the high performance, cordless Solo S3 and the in-dash, undetectable 9500ci to the state-of-the-art, compact Passport iQ that looks and feels like a typical GPS device. These models and their features are organized into a simple grid for quick reference.

    Escort Model GPS Voice Alerts Display Undetectable
    Passport 8500ci Text
    Passport 8500ci Plus Text
    9500ci Text
    Passport iQ Graphical
    Passport Qi45 Text
    Redline Text/Graphic
    Passport 9500ix Text
    Solo S3 Text
    Passport 8500 X50 Black (Blue Display) Text
    Passport 8500 X50 Black (Red Display) Text
  • The Whistler XTR-695SE Radar Detector video

    This video is quick preview of the Whistler XTR-695SE, a radar detector that offers great performance at a great price. All of the our Whistler radar detectors are available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors. Presented by Danny Feemster.

  • The Whistler XTR-690SE Radar Detector video

    If you want a feature-rich and reliable radar detector at a budget friendly price, the Whistler XTR690 SE may be the one for you. All of our Whistler radar detectors are available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors. Presented by Danny Feemster.

  • The Whistler Pro 68 SE Radar Detector video

    If you want one of the best budget radar detectors around for under $100, you may like this video overview of the Whistler Pro 68 SE. All of our Whistler radar detectors are available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors. Presented by Danny Feemster.

  • The Whistler Pro 78 SE Radar Detector video

    If you want one of the best budget-friendly radar detectors around for less then $200, take a look at the Whistler Pro 78 SE. All of our Whistler radar detectors are available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors. Presented by Danny Feemster.

  • The Cobra XRS 9970G radar detector video

    If you want a radar/laser detector with a built-in camera warning system, take a look at this video overview of the Cobra XRS 9970G. This and other Cobra radar detectors are available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors. Presented by Danny Feemster.

  • Beltronics Pro 500 Review

    pro_500.jpgBeltronics promised their most advanced line of Radar/LaserSafety detectors when they launched their next generation Pro Series. The Vector 940, Vector 955 and RX65 were all given a makeover to become the Pro100, Pro200, and Pro300 in the new Professional Series line. But there is one more model, billed as the top-of-the-line in this series, a full-featured radar detector with all the bells and whistles of the other models combined, plus one or two features of its own. It's the Beltronics Pro 500.

    The Pro 500 is essentially an old Beltronics GX65 re-packaged in a new rubberized shell for an easier grip and an even easier look. It looks new, yet the layout is nearly identical to the older model. The buttons are all there and in the same places. The VOL/MUTE, PWR, REW/CITY and CHG/BRT and QuickMount buttons are all exactly where they were on the GX65, and exactly where they should be on a Beltronics radar detector.

    pro_500_2.jpgAs for the display, it hasn't changed much either, although now it is "ultra-bright" instead of just "high intensity". Whether that really means anything or not is moot. The important thing is that it lights up when you need it. It's a 280 LED, alphanumeric multiple threat display with four brightness settings (one more setting than the Pro 300) plus Dark Mode, with four display options - SpeedAlert™, BarGraph, ThreatDisplay™ and TechDisplay™. The display is visible from almost any angle except the rear, so if it's on, not in dark mode and still isn't visible, turn it around because it's probably facing the wrong way.

    Aside from minor cosmetics, outside the Pro 500 looks about the same as its predecessor. Inside it's not much different. Of course it has all the standard features: full radar detection on X, K, Superwide Ka bands, instant-on (Pulse) detection and POP mode. AutoScan™, Auto Memory Retention, VG-2 Undetectability, Selectable Bands, Over 60 Digital Voice Messages, Detailed SWS™ Alerts, Vehicle Voltage Monitor, Auto and Manual Muting, and Fully Adjustable Audio Levels, all standard issue on the GX65.

    pro_500_3.jpgThere are some differences, however. The Pro 500 adds a TSR Filter to reject highway traffic sensors on X and Y bands. The GX65 had 3 City Modes and a Highway Mode to adjust filtering of false alerts. The Pro 500 improves on this concept with an Auto mode that automatically adjusts filtering based on the speed of your vehicle. How does it do this? It utilizes another major feature that was standard on the GX65 - GPS.

    The GX65 was GPS enabled, incorporated into several features, such as a Mark Location Alert Database, anti-falsing database, Speed Check, and a built-in database of all of the known locations of speed and red light cameras within the United States. The Pro 500 not only includes these features, it enhances them with the aforementioned Auto Mode for speed based sensitivity and full compatibility with Escort Live!™, Escort's data cable/power cord combination that adds another dimension to radar/laser/camera detection on its own. Escort Live! is an optional add-on for the Pro 500 as either a plug-in SmartCord or installed Direct Wire at Buy Radar Detectors.

    pro_500_4.jpgEven without the Escort Live! Real-Time Ticket Protection, the Pro 500 can still utilize its internal safety camera database, which can be updated manually between trips. Thanks to its built-in USB data port, you can connect the Pro 500 to a computer and update the built-in red light and speed camera database and other software online.

    The Pro 500 may have the heart and soul of an old GX65, but the retouches and tweaks, plus Escort Live! compatibility give it a personality and place of its own as the top-of-the-line in the new and improved Beltronics Pro Series of radar detectors.

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