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The Beltronics Radar Detector, High Performance for a Great Price

Beltronics makes some of the best radar detectors around. Over the years here at Buy Radar Detectors, we have always been very pleased with the quality and price of Beltronics radar detectors and Beltronics radar detector accessories. There are a lot of radar detector manufacturers out there, but few are as consistent in designing a reliable detector, we know it and our customers know it.

When shopping for a Beltronics radar detectors, you should first determine the primary type of driving you do, is it in the city our out on the highway, or a balance of both? Next, determine a rough budget for how much you want to spend. Finally are there any must have features you need such as voice notifications.

Looking for top of the line performance and undetectable? Then the Beltronics STi Driver Radar Detector may be what you need. They have great range so they excel at highway driving.

Need a high performance detector with the ability to mark red light and speed cameras? The Beltronics Professional Series GX65 Radar Detector is a good option and it also has good filtering for blocking out false signals around town.

Do you want a mixture of performance and features for a great price? The Beltronics Professional Series RX65 Radar Detector is one of the best models around and is amazing for the price. It has great range and filtering and is perfect for those looking for a balanced design. It is even available with a red or blue display!

Are you trying to find a reliable, basic radar detector? Then either the Beltronics Vector 995 Radar Detector or Beltronics Vector 955 Radar Detector may be what you want. They both have good range, and are very dependable models.

Interested in an entry level radar detector, or one to use as a backup? The Beltronics Vector 940 Radar Detector offers great performance for a budget price. Don't let the low cost fool you, it offers good range and filtering and is perfect for around town or even the open road.

These are just the Beltronics windshield mount radar detectors currently available, there are also concealable radar detectors such as the Beltronics Professional Series RX45 Radar Detector and the Beltronics Vector 975E Radar Detector.

If you have any questions when shopping for a Beltronics radar detector, just contact us. A lot of folks here use Beltronics radar detectors in their own vehicle, so there is a good chance you will be able to speak with someone who has owned a Beltronics for years. You will not be speaking with a salesperson that is in a call center and never even owned a radar detector.

You can also use our radar detector comparison tool to check out features, or do a quick search here on our website and our radar detector blog for more information on Beltronic radar detectors. One blog post that is very popular is our detailed comparison of the Beltronics RX65 and Escort 8500 X50 radar detectors.

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