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Arizona says Goodbye to Cameras

An interesting news story is making it way around. Arizona has decided to remove state ran speed and red light cameras. According to the story:

Even Gov. Jan Brewer has said she doesn't like the cameras, and her intention to end the program was first disclosed in her January budget proposal. That was followed by a non-renewal letter sent by the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week to the private company that runs the program.

This is great news to motorist, and even better news for people living in Arizona. Regular readers of this blog know that speed cameras create more safety problems than they solve. Arizona has been one of the heaviest users of speed and red light cameras, and this may set a precedent for other states to stop using cameras to generate revenue.

Unfortunately, the removal of the cameras will not be at the local level. For now, only state ran cameras are going away, until perhaps a possible November ballot on the issue:

The end of the state program does not affect local governments' use of cameras for speed enforcement, but the proposed ballot measure would prohibit state and local governments from using cameras for both speed violations and red-light running.

So everyone in Arizona needs to contact their state and local representatives, and let them know about how you feel about the issue, then voice your opinion in the November ballot.

For now red light cameras will continue to operate in towns and cities across Arizona. Until all of the cameras are gone, we will continue to find camera detectors, plate covers and other protective devices to help defend yourself from these obtrusive and wreck causing cameras. They only exist to make money off of people. The so called "representatives of the people" that put them in do not care about your safety, just your wallet.

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