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Red Light Cameras are About Money not Safety

Red light cameras continue to pop-up in new cities and towns, but they also are coming back down in others. Not every city government is willing to fine its own citizens unfairly and treat them as a revenue resource. In Dalton Georgia the cameras are being removed even though they were making a lot of money from the cameras. According to this article:

At $75 a pop, 6,906 citations were issued that year, mostly for illegal right-on-red turns; 624 citations were issued in February alone.

In 2008 though the Georgia state legislature started to look at the claims that red light cameras were just to make money. They ordered yellow lights to be lengthened and the number of tickets being issued to people "running" red lights decreased substantially. We have already mentioned in this blog how many cities reduce the yellow lights to purposefully trap people so they can ticket them even if it causes more wrecks to take place. In most cities, failing to come to a dead, complete stop before turning right on red will get you a $200 ticket. It has nothing to do with catching people that run a red light on purpose.

The mayor of Dalton, David Pennington was paying attention to all of this.

"That sort of exposed the myth of why they're there," says Mayor David Pennington, an opponent of red-light cameras. "It goes against what I was told to begin with, which is that they are for safety."

So he had the red light cameras removed. He placed the financial welfare of the people in the community over making money off of them. The people of Dalton should be proud to have him as their mayor.

If you live in a city or town with red light cameras, they are just there to make money off of you. They do not promote safety, for that they just need to increase the length of yellow lights. Find out who in your local government is responsible for having them installed, and question why they want to treat their very own citizens as cash generators. Drive them from office, they just want to use you. They are so inept, they cannot be fiscally responsible enough to run a city without stealing money from their own citizens.

We carry red light camera detectors and other automotive defensive products so you can protect yourself from expensive tickets. Be an informed, and most importantly a safe driver.

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