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Radar Detector Tips: Keeping Suction Cups Fresh

Hi there, today I thought we would talk about something other than red light cameras. Crazy talk I know, but there are a lot of tips and tricks out there for radar detectors. Now some of these are, well, more subjective than others, but a few of these are just smart, simple, and useful.

Out first tip, or trick is one for those of you using windshield brackets. Have you noticed that after a while the suction cups used to hold the bracket to the windshield seem warped, all worn out, and may even not hold as well anymore. Well, try placing them for a short bit in some boiling water. That should have them return to their original springy state. At least they will be clean.

Now if they are still not as good as new, try this. Place a very small amount of either liquid dish soap or Vaseline on the suction cup (very, very, small amount). This will help them adhere better to the windshield and will not leave much of a mess later to clean up. Do not use anything else though, trust me, you may want to remove the radar detector someday.

If the two tricks above do not work we also sell replacement mounting brackets along with a large selection of accessories. Try boiling them first though, you may be surprised.

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