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No More Red Light Cameras in One State

We have been talking a lot about red light cameras lately it seems. Well here is a short bit of information on the fight to remove red light cameras. Mississippi has passed a law that will remove red light cameras from the state.

Jackson Mississippi has stopped issuing tickets or collecting fines based on pictures taken by red light cameras already. The only remaining city with red light cameras, Columbus has until October 1st to remove them. The law also makes the installation of new red light cameras illegal, stopping their installation in other cities in the state.

This relates to red light cameras only, not to in-car police cameras or even speed cameras. From the article, the law passed "...the House 117-3 on Feb. 11. It passed the Senate 42-9 on March 4." That looks a bit one sided, and it would seem that people are being listened to at least in one state.

As long as states view red lights as more of a revenue generator, than say a tool for traffic management, we hope to keep you informed. We offer a great selection of camera protection devices until the cameras are gone.

Way to go Mississippi!

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