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Miscellaneous Accessories

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  1. Whistler RLIC50 Interface Cable

    Connect your radar detector or other 12 volt devices with a 1.3mm plug to the Whistler RLC-100 red-light camera detector. Works with all recent Whistler and Cobra models, and many other radar detectors. Radar detectors that use a phone style jack, such as Beltronics and Escort models, will also need to use our Beltronics / Escort Barrel Power Cord Adapter. The RLIC50 interface cable eliminates using two power outlets and helps reduce the number of unsightly cords.
  2. Whistler Trim Ring Package

    Love everything about your Whistler radar detector except the color? This trim ring package is for you! Fits all Whistler models that accept trim rings, including the: 1788, XTR-280, XTR-325, XTR-425, and the XTR-560.
  3. Whistler Pro 3450 Laser Receive Module (LRM-5 / 202063)

    The Whistler LRM-5 Laser Module integrates with the Whistler Pro 3450 radar detector and provides additional laser detection from both the front and the rear.

    The LRM-5 (or 202063) is a small module (2" H x 1" W) that includes a suction cup mount for easy installation on the windshield of your vehicle. The LRM-5 has 3 sensors on the front and one sensor facing the rear to provide 360 degree coverage.
  4. Whistler Pro Series 3450 Voice Module

    Add Real Voice™ voice alerts to your Whistler Pro Series 3450 with this optional voice module! This unit simply connects to the Pro 3450 control panel, and includes a speaker that you can mount anywhere!
  5. Adaptiv TPX Visual Alert

    The Adaptiv TPX Visual Alert is designed exclusively for use with The Adaptiv TPX™ Motorcycle Laser / Radar Detection System. The Visual Alert mounts on your motorcyle where you can view it easily and alerts you to radar and laser signals from the TPX™ Main Console with ultra bright, adjustable intensity LEDs.
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5 Item(s)