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Whistler RLC-100 Redlight / Speed Camera Detector

Whistler RLC-100 Redlight / Speed Camera Detector
Price: $39.99

Product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Note: This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available. Contact us for help finding a replacement model.
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Product Description

The RLC-100 is a full-feature redlight and speed camera warning system. It is very compact and is great to use with a radar detector. The RLC-100 is legal for use in all 50 states. It has an easy to read dual alert display that also can be used as a speedometer, clock, and trip meter.

The RLC-100 compares your current GPS location with an on-board database of red light and speed camera locations and alerts you when you are near one.

The RLC-100 is updateable, just connect it to a PC using a USB cable (included) and download updates free for one year from Whistler’s update website. You can also manually enter up to 100 locations, that way you will never forget about a local speedtrap, or new camera placement. The RLC also comes with a non skid dash pad. Another great feature of the RLC-100 is that it has a secondary power outlet so you can connect a radar detector or other 12 volt device to it (Interface cable sold separately - Radar detectors that use a phone style jack will also need to use our Bel / Escort Barrel Power Cord Adapter). This means fewer power cords plugged into your car's power outlets.

If you have been looking for a compact (3.13" long x 2.13" wide x .75" height), and very affordable GPS camera warning system, the RLC-100 has everything you have been waiting for. This is a true GPS warning system. No longer will you have to rely on a redlight camera website for inconsistent updates, or have to constantly check your location on a phone or navigational display while driving.

The RLC-100 comes with a power cord, non skid dash pad, USB cable, magnetic disk mount, alcohol pad, free one year subscription, and owners manual.

Whistler RLC-100 Interface Cable
Whistler RLIC50 Interface Cable
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Connect your radar detector or other 12 volt devices with a 1.3mm plug to the RLC-100 redlight detector. Radar detectors that use a phone style jack will need to use our Bel / Escort Barrel Power Cord Adapter. Eliminates using two power outlets and helps reduce the number of unsightly cords.
Whistler RLC-100 Features

Included with the Whistler RLC100
  • Power Cord
  • Non-Skid Dash Pad
  • Magnetic Disk Mount
  • USB Cable
  • One Year Database Update Subscription
  • Alcohol Pad
  • Owner's Manual

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