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OnTrack IR Invisi-Plate Infrared Camera License Plate Cover

OnTrack IR Invisi-Plate Infrared Camera License Plate Cover

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Product Description

The IR Invisi-Plate is a proven defense against stealth Infrared photo traffic enforcement cameras! It is the only anti-photo license plate cover designed to defeat IR cameras from every angle!

When stealth is important for photo radar speed enforcement, infrared cameras are often used. The IR Invisi-Plate anti-Infrared Camera License Plate Cover blocks all infrared light above 720 nm, the range in which IR cameras operate. When viewed by the naked eye, license plate numbers are always visible. When viewed using infrared photography, those plate numbers become invisible!

The IR Invisi-Plate is 100% clear to comply with most regulations and prevent unwanted attention from law enforement. fits license plates in the US and Canada and is ulta-thin to fit all plate frames. It is also shatterproof and will not yellow.

Important Note

This product may not be legal in some cities or states. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes

Invisible to the Naked Eye!

The OnTrack IR Invisi-Plate is the most inconspicuous anti-photo license plate cover available. Your license plate remains visible to the naked eye from any angle to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement Yet, when captured by an infrared camera, your plate numbers are blocked!

NOTE: The IR Invisi-Plate was placed only over right side of license plate in the photos for demonstration purposes. Actual un-retouched photos.

OnTrack IR Invisi-Plate Features
  • Defense against infrared Photo Traffic Enforcement Cameras!
  • 100% Clear!
  • Protect your privacy!
  • Avoid a costly ticket!
  • Ultra thin to fit all plate frames!
  • Made of space-age material!
  • Will not yellow!
  • Guaranteed Shatterproof!

International Customers
Custom Invisi-Plate
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Do you live outside of the United States or Canada? Don't worry, we can make a custom sized IR Invisi-Plate to fit any license plate!

Because license plate sizes differ across the world, you must fax or email us your license plate dimensions when you order a custom sized IR Invisi-Plate. Click here for a template that will make sizing your plate easier. Because custom IR Invisi-Plates are manufactured as required, it can take up to 14 days before your order will ship.
Motorcycle? No Problem!
Motorcycle IR Invisi-Plate
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Have a motorcycle? No problem! This IR Invisi-Plate is designed specifically for the most common size motorcycle license plate in the United States. Have a different plate size? Just call or email us and we can have a Super Protector made for your specific plate size!

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