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Escort Passport 8500ci Plus Custom Installed Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500ci Plus Custom Installed Radar Detector

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Product Description

The PASSPORT 8500ci Plus™ is a Custom Installed Radar/Laser, Red Light and Speed Camera Detector with Patented Speed & Location Intelligence™. The system consists of four components: the antenna/receiver, the interface, the GPS module and the display/controller. It's an integrated detection solution designed by Escort to install discreetly and become one with your vehicle.

In addition to complete, custom installation, the 8500ci-Plus offers supercharged performance. The 8500ci Plus detects all X, K and Superwide Ka bands and all types of laser. The Passport 8500ci-Plus has voice alerts, a Signal Strength Meter, AutoMute, and three sensitivity levels. It also includes three display modes with 5 brightness levels, including Full Dark mode. Since the display can be mounted almost anywhere, it is easily concealed.

But that's only a start. The 8500ci Plus incorporates GPS technology to provide even more exciting features. It can lock out false alarms by precise location and frequency. It can vary radar sensitivity based on your vehicle’s speed. It can even modify audible radar and laser alerts when your vehicle is traveling within specified speeds. Plus, your PASSPORT 8500ci Plus comes preloaded with Escort's DEFENDER™ Database with thousands of safety camera locations, such as red light cameras, speed cameras and known speed traps across North America. The DEFENDER™ Database can be easily updated and the Mark Location feature allows you to add your own hot spots so you are never caught off guard.

Add in Escort's Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) software to filter out false alerts, and you have one powerful radar detection system. If you have been looking for an integrated radar detector to replace the device sitting in plain view on your windshield, then the 8500ci Plus is a top contender.

PASSPORT 8500ci Plus comes with a miniature display controller, front-mounted Radar/Laser Receiver, 12-volt Interface module with amplified speaker, GPS antenna, bi-color LED, download cable, installation guide, A comprehensive owner’s manual and all mounting hardware.

Not intended for use outside North America.

Important Note

The Escort 8500ci Plus will require installation. Installation may include mounting the radar detection unit under the hood of your car, and/or hard wiring the control panel's power cable. If you have never installed something like this before, please take this unit to a professional for installation.

Three High-Resolution Display Modes

The Escort 8500ci Plus features a powerful display, which has 3 possible modes:
  • In the standard bar graph mode, the Escort 8500ci Plus will show one band that was detected and a bar graph representing the signal strength.
  • In ExpertMeter™ mode, the 8500ci Plus can identify band and relative signal strength of up to 8 radar signals at once.
  • In SpecDisplay™ mode, the detector will show the band and actual frequency being detected.

Escort Passport 8500ci Plus Features

Included with the Escort 8500ci Plus
  • Front Mounted Radar/Laser Antenna/Receiver
  • 12V Interface Module with Amplified Speaker
  • Display/Controller
  • GPS Antenna
  • Bi-Color LED
  • Download Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Manual
  • Owner's Manual

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