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Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount

Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount
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Product Description

With The Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount you can set your windshield mount on your vehicle dashboard easily and securely! The u-shaped mount features a non-skid base to keep your windshield mount and device firmly on your dashboard and supports up to 80mm suction cups to accommodate a wide variety of mounts.

This is great for mounting radar detectors and portable GPS devices and is a viable alternative for mounting them on vehicle windows in states such as California and Minnesota, where windshield mounted devices are prohibited.

To use, locate a safe area on your dashboard outside an air bag deployment zone and install the mount, place the suction cup of the windshield mount on the mounting surface of the dashboard mount and install your device on the windshield mount. An optional adhesive backed safety hook (included) attaches to a loop on the dashboard mount for added stability.

The Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount comes with optional adhesive safety hook, alcohol cleaning pad and includes a 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

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