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Bel STi-DRIVER / Valentine V1 Radar Detector Comparison

Having trouble deciding which model is the best radar detector? Trying to decide if a more expensive radar detector is worth the money? Compare radar detectors here to help your decision process go as smoothly as possible. This page will allow you to select two products, and compare radar detector features side-by-side.

To compare radar detectors, simply select two radar detectors from the lists below, and click the Compare button. Features will be listed in bold when they are offered by one model but not the other. Click the "?" to the right of a feature for a description of the feature.

Keep in mind when comparing radar detectors that this page only lists features, not performance and range! For example, one radar detector may have more features than another, but considerably less sensitivity!

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Product Comparison
Beltronics STi Driver Radar Detector
Valentine One Radar Detector
X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka DetectionX, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
360° Protection against all types of Laser360° Protection against all types of Laser
Instant-On (Pulse) DetectionInstant-On (Pulse) Detection
Detects POP ModeDetects POP Mode
 Directional Indicator
Safety Warning System (SWS™) Alert 
TotalShield Technology - Complete "RDD" Undetectability 
VG-2 UndetectableVG-2 Stealth
Spectre Undetectable 
Clear Digital Voice Alerts 
Detailed SWS™ Alerts 
 LED Display
High Definition Text Display 
Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator With 3 ModesBar Graph Signal Strength Indicator With 3 Modes
Multiple Threat Display 
 Bogey Counter
 Rear Radar Antenna
 Ku Band Detection
AutoScan™ ModeAutoScan™ Mode
Selectable BandsSelectable Bands
2 City Modes and Highway Mode2 City Modes and Highway Mode
Earphone JackEarphone Jack
Audio Alert Only ModeAudio Alert Only Mode
Visual Alert Only ModeVisual Alert Only Mode
Auto and Manual MutingAuto and Manual Muting
Auto/Bright/Medium/Minimum/Dark Display SettingsAuto/Bright/Medium/Minimum/Dark Display Settings
Auto Dim Display Setting 
Low Voltage Warning 
Vehicle Voltage Monitor 
Auto Memory RetentionAuto Memory Retention
Software UpgradableSoftware Upgradable
Tech Display 
Fully Adjustable Audio LevelsFully Adjustable Audio Levels
Self Test 
SmartPlug Power Cord Included 
One Year Manufacturer WarrantyOne Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product has been discontinued and is no longer available
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