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Best Radar Detectors under $200

Radar detectors under $200 are not going to be as sensitive or as good at filtering as higher end models, but there are several models in this price range that are perfect for most drivers. In particular, models manufactured by Whistler tend to be a great option in this price range as they deliver above average sensitivity along with a some great features.

Our recommended detectors under $200 are listed below.

Best Radar Detectors under $200

Whistler Pro 78 SE Radar Detector

The Whistler Pro 78 SE is the leader of the pack in the under $200 category. This detector has above average sensitivity that compares favorably to Beltronics and Escort models that sell for over $300. Several filtering models are also built-in to help eliminate annoying false alerts. This model has an intense blue text display with auto dimming capabilities, voice alerts, and Whistler's unique RSID/LSID functionality. As a "Professional Series" model, the Pro 78SE also comes standard with a hard wire kit and a dash pad.

Beltronics Vector 955 Radar Detector

The Beltronics Vector 955 provides the sensitivity that you would expect from a manufacturer like Beltronics. The  Vector 955 has great performance and a budget price that even the most frugal shopper will like. The Vector 955 also incorporates the AutoScan feature to reduce false alerts, which is more commonly only found in higher end models. This detector also includes a red text display and voice alerts. The 955 offers similar performance to models that cost twice as much, and is one of our picks for the best value for the money!

Whistler XTR-690 SE Radar Detector

The Whistler XTR-690SE is built based on the same platform as the Pro 78SE (above), but has a few cosmetic changes and a slightly lower price. The differences are a red text display instead of blue and a digital compass instead of auto-dim. The hard wire kit and dash pad that come standard with the Pro 78SE are not included with the 690SE. This model is a good choice if you were considering the Pro 78SE, but need a red display to match the interior of your vehicle or if you like the idea of having a compass built into your detector.